Folded Pocket Book Tutorial

How to make a book by folding poster board

This folded pocket book is inspired by a recent project where I folded a sheet of scrapbook paper into a mini book. It’s also inspired by the zines I make all the time. I love the thought of transforming a single piece of paper into a juicy decorated pageturner. I thought I’d go big and instead of using a standard size of paper, I’d use a poster board.

Video tutorial!

Or in this case, mixed media paper.

How to Make a Mini Zine

How to Fold a Sheet of  Scrapbook Paper into a Book

It all came about because I was invited by (based in Mesa, AZ) to be a guest on their Facebook Live to celebrate the upcoming National Scrapbook Day, which is May 6th. They asked me to share a project I could demo in ten minutes.

I prepped and then I was so excited, I showed up THREE hours early to their offices. So embarrassed. The team didn’t mind at all, they laughed and welcomed me! We worked it out for me to use their studio to do a Facebook Live on my page to promote their event. But first, they gave me a tour around their ginormous warehouse and headquarters. I’m really proud to have such a huge crafting business right here in my town.

Alrighty, here is the video where I show the tutorial, just fast forward to me apologizing for my goofiness! Here is the link if you can’t see it below.


I’m three hours early, but we’re going ahead and filming! Join me as I show how to make a cool project to celebrate National Scrapbook Day! With

Posted by Crafty Chica by Kathy Cano-Murillo on Friday, April 28, 2017


SUPPLIES to make a folded book:

1 pad of mixed media paper, 18×36″ You can use posterboard, but I really like mixed media paper because it is a lot more flexible to bend. AND if you use a craft store coupon, you can score a great discount and you can make 30 books from one pad! Great for a craft night or a teaching a class.

Scissors, mini stapler

Scrapbook paper


Washi tape

Dry adhesives, dimensional foam dots

Directions to make aposter board book: 

Watch my video at the top of this post to see the folding method or here.

Once you complete the fold and add the staples, use the dry adhesive to line each page and pocket with paper. Trim with washi tape.

Embellish with stickers and whatever else you want!

I polished it off with twine. Did I ever tell you I love contrast?

Thanks for checking out my poster board book tutorial! Now let’s get folding!

Love & light,

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