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15 Summer Tie-Dye Projects You’ll Want to Try!

Here are 15 summer tie-dye projects you’ll love. These are cool ideas because they go beyond the basic hippy bull’s eye – nothing against that, but it’s always good to try something new. We’re using everything from glue and hair to string and spray. I tried to include a nice range of techniques! 

You can make these projects for a party, family time or just as a self-care for yourself to exercise your creative muscle.

Here is an affiliate link to my favorite dye kit. I love that it’s plentiful and comes with so many bright colors! Tulip One Step 18-Color Tie-Dye Kit

Before we get started, here are some guidelines to help you have a successful outcome.

Summer tie-dye projects, my tips:

  1. Wash your shirts before starting. This will remove the sizing. I like to dye with a damp shirt, but some techniques require a dry shirt.
  2. Cover your workspace, you and your hands with plastic coverings. Dye stains big time!
  3. Have paper towels nearby.
  4. Have large Ziploc bags ready to place your wet dyed projects into while they set for 6 hours.
  5. Avoid muddy color mixing: do not put the following colors next to each other: Red/green; blue/orange; yellow/purple.
  6. Have extra fabric on hand to practice with!
  7. Rinse out your project after six hours until the water runs clear, then hang dry.

1. Tie-Dye Swirl Sheet

This gorgeous starburst can be used as a wallhanging, a bed cover, a sarong, or you can cut it up and use it for sewing projects! LINK

2. Tie Dye Heart Shirt

This is perfect for the Fourth of July or for hiking, or any outside play. Not only is it dyed in a heart, but I also snipped it as well. Great ventilation for those summer breezes! LINK

Tie-dye heart shirt by CraftyChica.com.
Tie-dye heart shirt by CraftyChica.com.

3. Tie-Dye T-shirt Yarn

One time I had an ABUNDANCE of dyed shirts. Rather than toss them, I cut them up and made yarn to crochet with. Here is my tutorial that shows the process from start to finish! LINK

How to make t-shirt yarn, Crafty Chica

4. How to Make Rainbow Yarn

Speaking of YARN, I used white cotton yarn and transformed it into this fabulous ball of color! Here’s how I did it! LINK

How to dye rainbow yarn, by Crafty Chica

5. Tie Dye your Beach Towel!

Buy a large white cotton towel and make your own custom design. Better yet, make a several and make it a party!

How to tie-dye a beach towel, by Crafty Chica.

6. Rainbow Booty Shorts

Start with a plain white pair and turn them into something brilliant and bright, like this! LINK

How to make rainbow shorts


7. Tie-Dye Hair Clips

Want a swatch of color in your hair, but don’t want to go through the process? Buy a package of blonde hair clips from the beauty supply store and make your own rainbow extensions. Here is my tutorial!

Dye your own hair extensions, by Crafty Chica.

You can also do a 4th of July version!

4th of July dyed hair extensions.

8. Tie-dye Roses

This is a good one for when the kids are bored over the summer. And it doubles as a science experiment without them even knowing! LINK

Tie-dye Roses Tutorial by Kathy Cano-Murillo, CraftyChica.com

9. Sugar Skull Bathing Suit Cover-Up

Use an oversized shirt, wash it, then draw to your heart’s content. I used a sugar skull theme. LINK

10. Popcorn Dye Technique

This one is a bit labor intensive but makes a really wild look. I used tiny rubber bands all over a damp white shirt and added black dye. LINK

Popcorn dye technique by Crafty Chica.

11. Glue Resist Tie-Dye Technique

If you really want to clear some time, this project is sooooo satisfying! Draw your designs using clear gel glue, let dry, then add the dye. Here;s the link to my tutorial! LINK

Glue resists tee by Crafty Chica.

12. Tie-dyed Sheet Set

If you are like me and change your decor and color story for summer, this is a great way to weave it into your bedroom. Tie-dye your white cotton sheets to your favorite hues!

13. Tie-Dye Sneakers

For this look, you’ll need to wash and leave your shoes damp, then add the dye using a paint brush. Here is the tutorial!

How to tie-dye sneakers!

14. Sekka Shibori Tie-Dye Technique

If you want to try something a little more advanced, check out this idea!

Sekka shibori dye technique

15. Bleach Dyed Shirt

What we’re doing here is taking out the color and putting more back in. LINK

Bleach and dyed shirt

I hope you liked these summer tie-dye projects and they inspire you to give tie-dye a try this summer!

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