10 Crafts to Make with el Pato cans

These 9 El Pato can crafts will totally impress you and your friends

10 El Pato Can crafts to make

Here are some super impressive El Pato can crafts you’ll appreciate. Some you’ll want to make for yourself, others are to inspire you to add color, texture, and spice to your life. There are three types of El Pato sauces to buy: Red, yellow and green.

If you decide to make any of these, know that if you plan to cut or drill into the cans, use gloves and goggles. The cans are very thick. Wow, I just realized I really should share some recipes of what to make with the sauces! Putting that next on my list!

Wow, I just realized I really should share some recipes of what to make with the sauces! Putting that next on my list!



El Pato Can Bicycle Drink Holder

My friends Kathya and John made these for their bikes. Soooo brilliant!


Spicy Candle Lanterns

Don’t just stick with El Pato cans! La Morena has beautiful imagery as well. I used a Mexican necklace for the chain to hang these.

How to make lanterns from chile sauce cans.


El Pato and La Morena Candles by Emo Extremo TV

The adorable Sydney Presley shows how to turn those empty cans into aromatic treasures that will wow your friends!


El Pato Can Punched Lanterns, by In Nonna’s Kitchen

You can buy these or make your own!

Succulent Planters, by Inspired By This

You’ll find more than just the planter idea (which is very popular!) in this post. There are other ideas for adding some Mexi-style flavor to your decor!

El Pato Art Piece

This is by my friend Emily Costello!

El Pato Wall Vertical Garden!

El Pato Bike Light by El Pato Lights

Between this and the drink holder, I feel like I want to go bike riding!



El Pato Canister Set, by In Nonna’s Kitchen

This is definitely pretty clever! Save the lids, add handles, smooth the edges. These would be so fun for my craft room! I think I want to make these! Like TODAY!

What do you think, which is your favorite?

And this is pretty cool – El Pato chose my earrings to feature!

And here are some other cool ideas!



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  1. Just saw all the Fabulous, Awesome ideas with ‘Pato’ cans❤️ Ladies, you are Amazing & freakin Talented!!????

  2. I have a can opener that cuts from the bottom of the lid to keep a smooth edge on the can lip. It’s wonderful. I believe it’s OXO brand, but there are probably more brands out there. Sweet ideas!

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