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Make Your Worth Summit 2017 – Free event!


Make Your Worth Summit

I have several reasons why I’m excited to be a speaker at the Make Your Worth Summit 2017. I left a full-time salaried job a few years back to venture on my own with CraftyChica LLC. I’m not going to lie, one does not just “jump and the net will appear” – it took a massive amount of skills, planning, changing my mindset and taking action.

I wish this program would have been around back then, it sure would have helped! Now that I feel confident with running my business, I want to share the knowledge with others. I feel we can be the best version of ourselves if we strive to do the things we love. Especially when it comes to work and our avenues of income. And for artists – YES! It’s time get out of the “struggle” mindset and put on that business hat!

Any of you out there who have a dream or goal of launching your own business, take advantage of this free series. It’s led by my good friend and millionaire entrepreneur, Amber Aziza. You might remember when we visited the White House together November of 2016.

We met online earlier in the year, but that one day we really were able to chat about our lives, businesses, goals, and our communities. Amber is one of those people who follows through with great ideas and does so much to help others. Seriously, follow her on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook – you’ll be filled with so much inspiration!

When she told me about Make Your Worth Summit, I excitedly agreed to contribute! It includes 20 Skype interviews with successful entrepreneurs from all different industries. We each talk about a different topic from building your brand, mailing lists, business strategies and more. My contribution is about planning and launching a branded product line.

This is a free online series, you can watch it on your own time! I plan to watch while I’m in my art studio working on orders. Most of the speakers have downloadable freebies they are giving away too!

Here’s the link to register: bit.ly/CraftyChicaMYWS17

It doesn’t mean you have to quit your day job, this series is about priming your mind for thinking bigger. And there are a lot of action items you can do well in advance!

As an entrepreneur, I know you love what you do and you take pleasure in living out your passion and purpose. But let’s be honest: Sometimes you don’t have all the answers… and that’s ok.

Everyone wasn’t born with the same knowledge or skill but there are resources out there to help you get what you need for your business and your life. If you feel like you need an expert to help fill the missing holes in you biz, then you should join us. Amber’s the CEO of ASquared Coach Network, and she’s built and sold two multi-million dollar businesses and knows a thing or two about expanding your business.

Here’s how the telesummit will work:

June 11th-17th, you’ll get access to 3 new interviews every day, that’s one VIP Video Interview and 1 – 2 Audio Interviews coming your way daily. All of the Interviews come with handy worksheets to help guide you through the biz-lessons you’ll learn. You’ll receive an email each day with the link to the newest interviews.

Other speakers: Amber Aziza @amber_aziza  Kimberley Coles @kimcoles  Deonna Lewis @BohoExoticStudi

LaTisha Styles @latishastylestv Torrie Pattillo @torriepattillo  Allyson Byrd @iamallysonbyrd  Apryl Beverly

Maya Elious @mayaelious  Nakia Gray @nakiagrayesq  Kyshira Moffett @kyshira  Nikki Pebbles @nikkipebbles

Agnes Kowalski @agneskowalski  Scott Realty @scottrealtyprofessionals  Tony Sanders @tonyrsanders

Nina Babel @ninababel  Quiana Murray @quianatmurray  Candice Nicole PR @candicenicolepr



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  1. Kathy, you’re an Inspiration for all the women who are venturing out to be themselves!! I always say, more power to all the ladies!!???????? Keep up the great work, many blessings always❤️????


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