Painted Marshmallow Pops + Extra Ideas

Edible painted marshmallows

I recently drove to Tucson to visit my friend Candy Ramirez, aka CandyQueenBeeBaker, and we made a batch of edible decorated marshmallow pops! She is a professional cake decorator and I’m a hardcore crafter so we combined our talents and live streamed our experiments, just for the fun of it, and we learned a lot from each other.

OMG, I learned how dessert decorating, food arts, whatever you want to call it – is becoming such a huge movement in the DIY world. From Galaxy lollipops to Minion caramel apples to beautiful cookies! At the bottom of this post, I’ll share some of my favorites!

Candy Queen Bee Baker

You might remember when I recorded Candy showing us how to make fondant flowers!

Here is a video I edited down from our Facebook live stream. Candy is so awesome, she has so many great ideas! It’s no wonder she was a contender on Cupcake Wars! In addition to running her confectionery business, she also coaches other entrepreneurs on finances, goal setting, and more.

We used a variety of edible paints (some are affiliate links):

Edible painted marshmallows

Supplies for painted marshmallow pops

Wilton Writers (you can get these in brush tip or bold)

You can buy Wilton products at craft stores, cake decorating shops and even WalMart!

Gel pastes for decorating cakes and cookies

Wilton Gel Pastes

Fondant corazon

Fondant for making 3D designs – Candy buys from Fantasia Fondant. Candy made this flaming heart with the fondant. It’s like edible PlayDoh, and she said to make sure to keep it covered as you use it because it will dry out quickly!

Silicone molds for fondant, Candy buys from Calico Cakes AZ.

Lollipop sticks

Poppy Paint! This is another form of edible paints for cakes, cookies, cake pops, etc. Here’s a tutorial on their product, I’m definitely going to buy a set!  I love her tip for keeping the paint tray clean.

Directions for painted marshmallow pops

We bought some basic jumbo marshmallows from the grocery store and I used new dollar store scissors to cut them in half so they wouldn’t be so thick. These were great for practice, and I really liked how each one was a little odd shaped, so you can look at it and see what you want to turn it into. For example, this one looked like a skull, so I painted it as one.

skull marshmallow

Painting tip: Use a brand new paint tray, and brand new brushes. I used soft liner brushes so I could get nice detail.

See the flowers on the head? We used a food-safe silicone mold to make fondant flowers, then used edible glue to attach them. You can brush it on top and then add edible glitter!

edible glue

I really loved the gel pastes the best (but then I have yet to try the Poppy Paints). I used a white icing product as an extender, but it made the color sticky, long after I painted them. so I think it would be wise to buy a white gel paste along with your colored set.

Edible painted marshmallows by Crafty Chica.They came out so juicy and bright. Once you’re all done, insert the lollipop stick at the bottom. If you want to up your game, you can always

If you want to up your game, you can always take one of Candy’s online marshmallow classes, click here and look through her pictures! Or you can buy finished gourmet ones from Fluff It Marshmallows.

You can use these ideas for birthday parties, fundraiser events, summer crafts, 4th of July and more. What do they taste like? Just like marshmallows with food coloring. I think it would be cool to paint scenes or portraits or word art on these hot cocoa toppers from

Marshmallow Mug Toppers by

Here are some other ideas for marshmallow pops:

Candy’s Marshmallow fondant tutorial

Basic marshmallow pops

Cupcake Marshmallow Pops

LEGO Marshmallow Pops

Thank you so much to Candy for letting me come out and invade her day! Be sure to visit her sites for so much inspiration! @CandyQueenBeeBaker on Facebook and Instagram.

Candy Queen Bee Baker and Crafty Chica1

And in case you missed it, here is our video! Please give it a thumbs up!

painted marshmallow pops by Crafty Chica and Candy Queen Bee Baker.
Our finished pieces! READY TO EAT!

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