Glittered Selena Shirt DIY by CraftyChica. Selena

DIY Glittered Selena Shirt

It’s always a good day to make a glittered Selena shirt! Selena Quintanilla has become an icon of Mexican culture and rightly so. She lived her life to the fullest and shared her beauty and talents far and wide. It makes me happy to see her not only appreciated – but loved by younger generations.

Who can resist that smile and laughter? Infectious!

While shopping at Target the other day I came across a SELENA T-SHIRT! Of all places, in the men’s department! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it – glitter it!

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Video tutorial for a Glittered Selena Shirt


Fabric adhesive, fabric glitter, a small and medium brush.

DIRECTIONS: Insert a board between the layers to prevent the glue from seeping through and to give you a flat work surface. Tape it taut. You’re going to work one color at a time. Apply the glue and then pour on the glitter. I usually do all the glittering, then pour it all off at one time onto a piece of paper so I can pour it back in the jar. Let the shirt dry and then remove it from the board. Take it outside and snap it, as in hold it by the shoulders and fling it so the excess glitter pops off.

Store rolled up, or you can hang it, and to wash, turn it inside out. You can reapply the glue and glitter at any time.

And I can’t have a Selena post and not show a song! Enjoy!


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