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Latin Inspired Ice Cream Ideas

Any time of the year is perfect for Latin-inspired ice cream ideas, but when you live in Phoenix, it’s always a good time to eat something cold and refreshing.

Yup, that’s my situation these days.

It ain’t pretty over here in the land of cacti and chili peppers. I’ve burned my fingertips just trying to open my metal mailbox. My favorite silver heart hoop earrings singed my tender neckline while I drove home in the afternoon. And my personal favorite – I left a bag of craft supplies in the car only to find all the glue sticks melted into one giant blob.

So how do I process all this heat-related trauma? Eating ice cream! I thought I’d share the inspiration and add a bit of cultura to the mix. That way if you feel so inclined, you can indulge in one of these delicious concoctions!

Latin inspired ice cream ideas for the win!

1. Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches

As if churros weren’t tasty enough by themselves, this takes them to a whole new level! By Cooking With Vina


Ice Cream Rolls with Guzii! He shows how to make these using two cake pans. This one is going on my to-do, pronto (and he is super entertaining to watch)!

How about a…

3. Horchateria: Ice Cream CHURRO SUNDAE

By MiTu. Horcharteria is a place of wonder to me, that I hope to visit someday. Ice cream AND crafts? Take my money.

Did you see my

4. Pan Dulce Freak Shakes?

Cafecito Freak Shake

5. Paletas Heladas

By Spicy Latina Mom! I met Laura last spring and she devotes a lot of time into making these fantastic recipes and videos. They all look so yummy!

6. Concha Ice Cream Sandwich

Because why not? This one will take minutes to assemble!

7. Paletas de Fresas Con Crema ( Strawberries and Cream Popsicles)

By LaCocinaDeLety. Smooth and creamy, strawberries are so refreshing!

8. Mexican Fried Ice Cream

Just like they serve in the restaurants! This would be perfect for a party. Thanks to Tip Hero for the recipe and tutorial!

9. Mexican Hot Chocolate Popsicles

Mexican hot chocolate isn’t just for the chilly season anymore, here is a way to turn them into frosty popsicles.

10. Mango Cantaloupe Paletas with Chile Powder

by Maura Hernandez. If there is one recipe to try, it’s Maura’s. Who doesn’t like mangos sprinkled with chile powder? Gimme the sweet and spicy!

Mango Cantaloupe Paletas by Maura Hernandez

Concha Paletas!

How to make pan dulce paletas! #craftychica #pandulcerecipes #paletaideas

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