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15 Can Crafts to Make in an Afternoon

By Sylvia Luna Tijerina for CraftyChica.com
Here are some great ideas for can crafts! Because – do you ever look at certain food packaging and think…”I think I can make something out of that”  (total crafter mentality). I do….ALL THE TIME!!!  I love the idea of reusing something and making it look totally different. 
Today we are talking about recycling cans! Here are 15 ideas that you may never have thought to do with an empty food can! Click on the title for the link.

1.  Tin Can Planters by Katy’s Party Ideas 

Use empty food cans as planters for succulents and other colorful plants.  These would look pretty awesome sitting on a kitchen window sill! 
Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas Cinco de Mayo Fiesta

 2.  Outdoor Drink Holders by Positively Splendid 

Why buy expensive drink holders when you can make your own?  These outdoor drink holders are fun and creative.  
Photo: By Positivly Splendid

3.  Tin Can Luminaries by Glow Creative Blog.

I’ve always loved the look of luminaries.  I think this is a must for the back yard.  Afraid of placing teas light candles in there?  Try the battery operated tea lights.  
Photo: Grow Creative Blog

4. El Pato Can Bracelets

El Pato Sauce Can Bracelets by Crafty Chica.

5. Tin Can Lighted People by A Casa Eh Sua

I am all about finding unique, funky yet vintage looking items.  Take a look at these adorable lighted people!  A Casa Eh Sua has done a fabulous job in recycling these cans.  What a fun way to light up your room. Make sure you click translate to view the content in English.

Photo and art by A casa eh sua

6.  Tin Can Pumpkins by Mixed Creations

Crafters are always looking for ways to decorate for the holidays.  Have you ever thought of making pumpkins out of cans? 
Photo: Mixed Kreations
This idea screams VINTAGE RETRO!  The look of this organizer adds so much color and character to the organization of storing any type of supplies.
Photo: Better Homes & Gardens

8.  Tin Can Mini Muffin Cake by The Baker Chick

Have you ever tried baking a mini muffin cake in a tin can?  This mini tin can birthday cake from The Baker Chick gives you a full recipe on how to make this.
Photo: The Baker Chick

9. Spicy Candle Lanterns

10. Tin Can Caddy by Madame Criativa

This portable caddy can be used to store art supplies, plastic cutlery and so much more. Make sure to click translate to view the tutorial in English.   
Photo: Madame Criativa

 11Tin Can Snowman by Practically Functional

Who doesn’t love Christmas decor?  This project is perfect for the kids too!!! Practically Functional’s tin can snowman is definitely a “must try this” project. 
Photo: Practically Functional

12.  Tin Can Flower Bird Feeder by We-Made-That

How would you like to attract beautiful birds to your yard with colorful flowers…..tin can flowers that is?  
Photo: We Made That

13. 10 Things to Make with an El Pato Can!

10 El Pato Can crafts to make

14. How to Make a Planter from a large can, by MADE Everyday!

YouTube video

15. Spray Painted Cans

YouTube video

Thanks for reading about these food can crafts!
Sylvia Luna Tijerina
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The Funky Soul is owned and designed by mixed media artist, Sylvia Luna Tijerina. Born and raised in Texas. Her inspiration and love of all things rustic, urban, vintage and funky are seen in her art work and designs. Her true love is Mexican Folk Art and is always looking for ways to incorporate it into her designs. 

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