DEMO: Dimensional Heart & Shrine Dies

My new Crafty Chica Sizzix line came out last week across the country! It’s perfect timing because it is also a part of the Sizzix Maker Challenge going on, where you can enter your designs and have the chance of scoring some awesome products! First up, here is a Fb Live I did showing the products!

The new Crafty Chica Sizzix line is comprised of nine elements, but I’ll focus on the large steel rule dies tonight:

They each make a dimensional shrine – you can see the heart one above. It has little flaps that can be glued to a surface to make the heart stand out.

Crafty Chica Sizzix Big XL Heart Shrine

This is what it looks like before it’s all put together! There are 10 shapes that are cut, and you can feed through double the paper for duplicates. It includes the shrine body with fold-out doors, the base, inner backing, side wings, two hearts, a flower, the shrine crown, a leaf, and a banner.

When I designed this die, I thought of all the ways it could be used – you can package kits for parties, make and takes, or teachers can use it in the classroom, you can recycle cereal boxes, even tin!

Crafty Chica Scrapbook Paper! My friend Crystal Domi took my illustrations and created beautiful patterns that can be used in cardmaking, assemblage, shrine making, scrapbooking and so much more! These are sized 6×12″ so they fit perfectly through the Sizzix machine.

Here’s the link to see more of the new Crafty Chica Sizzix products!

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