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DIY Projects For Your Next Kitchen Remodel

Are you looking for DIY projects for your next kitchen remodel? Whether you have been in your house for one year or ten, the topic may be on your mind. This is a good thing! Not only do these renovations have an average return on investment of 82.7%, but they also give your cooking area a nice refresh!

The kitchen is the heart of every home, so dedicating and money into upgrades will be a win for everyone. The only downfall? They can get pricey. No worries though!

We’re creative problem solvers, right?

DIY projects can save you cash and add a new sense of style. I love the look of Mexi-Bohemian and these are ideas I’ve either tried or are going to tackle soon. They are just a few fun ways to incorporate affordable DIY touches into your next kitchen remodel.

Chalkboard Paint for a door or wall


LOVE this example above! You can purchase chalkboard paint at pretty much every local hardware or craft store. This creative wall decor solution allows you to cover a wall and then get creative with your drawings. While this is a particularly fun option for homes with kids, any creative type will have a blast changing up the content of their board. And if you aren’t a creative type, it’s a perfect place for grocery lists. Check out my chalkboard door DIY!

Wooden Backsplash

From http://hege-sans.blogspot.com/

You don’t need to buy expensive tile to create a backsplash. Head to your local recycling center to collect unused wooden boards or pallets. Cut the wood into rectangles and stain them to your desired color. Then use liquid nails to attach them to the wall. This is a slightly more advanced project, but the results are amazing!


Mason Jar Lighting

An amazing mason jar chandelier from http://karapaslaydesigns.com/

Lanterns are a popular option for modern home decor, but with the right materials, you can make your own. Collect some mason jars and tea lights, and place them around the kitchen as you like.
More ambitious DIYers can create more elaborate mason jar lighting fixtures. No matter your crafty level, these features will light up your kitchen design.


Suspended Organization

There are many ways to incorporate hanging organization into your design. Anything from ceiling hooks to floating shelves or a suspended reused ladder can be a creative way to get your pots and pans out of the way. Just be sure to secure the unit tightly. I love the idea in this picture with the hooks!


Refurbished Cabinets

Rather than buying new cabinets, consider resurfacing or painting the ones you have. A recent survey found that white cabinets are the most popular choice for homeowners, with 42% of people choosing them over wood. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t just paint your wooden cabinets white! You can go with a bright color or heck, create a work of art on each one. If you look at the picture at the top of this post, I used oilcloth to cover my top two cabinets, just to add a pop of color!

Found Decor

Unlikely items can become beautiful decorative features. Rather than buying an expensive wall piece, consider hanging your grandmother’s old plate collection on your wall. Whether gifted or found, any forgotten item can be transformed into a lovely accent. These pieces will draw the eye and add character to a room in a way that expensive quartz countertops or steel appliances won’t.

By incorporating the above ideas, plus those of your own inspiration, you can make your dream kitchen design a reality without breaking the bank! Whether you envision a whimsical haven or a chic place to entertain, you can create your kitchen aesthetic by creating the right decorations. And as your tastes change, so can your kitchen’s look.

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