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DIY Embellished Lunch Bag

This DIY embellished lunch bag was an on-the-spot idea while I shopped for groceries. I needed an insulated tote for when I’m on the go but didn’t want to settle for a boring, blank version. I bought this in the school supply area of my local grocery store. So, of course, I had to do my own thang. Here is the result of that, and I’ll walk you through the process, it’ll only take you about an hour to make this.


Fabric insulated lunch bag, fabric appliques, puffy paint, scissors, markers, fabric glue.

This is the perfect project to use up fabric scraps that are too nice to toss. I have a plastic show bin where I keep all of these. It comes in handy for situations like this DIY embellished lunch bag. Another thing I do is scour through the clearance bins at the fabric store for small appliques, then I can use them on my collage projects or just to add a bit of flair to an existing item.


The rest is pretty simple, just cut your designs, coat generously with fabric glue and set in place.

I recommend using pinking shears on fabric to prevent fraying.

Next, outline the edges with puffy paint to seal it all down.

You can add all kinds of other elements to tell your story. Eating lunch should be a happy event, a tricked out lunch bag will make everything taste much better! For this bag, I added other appliques, and I even used hot glue to add pompom fringe along the flap!

I love my bag, it goes to show you can find a gem even when you are thinking of something else. I was set on grocery shopping, but ended up with a great idea!

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Thanks for checking out my post about my DIY embellished lunch bag!


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