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DIY Soldered Marble Rings

These soldered marble rings are a great project for newbies to solder irons, flux and solder wire. Lead-free solder wire, of course! I’ve had this bag of clear glass marbles in my studio for a while, waiting for the perfect opportunity to transform them. I thought they’d be a flashy accessory to bring in the fall season if I used my Bernzomatic tools!

As a Bernzomatic Torchbearer, my gig is to try out different uses and come up with ideas for you to make. Or hopefully make! This little guy has become my fave. I now have three of them because I use them for different reasons. One as a mini heat gun to pop gas bubbles in my resin projects, another as a micro torch for melting pewter or silver, and a third for soldering.

Okay, let’s get started on our rings!


Bernzomatic ST2200 Micro torch
Bernzomatic Lead-Free SolderFlux

Gloves and goggles!
Flat-back glass pebbles, large
Images (I used my Crafty Chica scrapbook papers!)
Copper tape, burnishing tool
White craft glue, scissors
Ring bases
Extra Strength adhesive (Optional)


Add a thin coat of glue to the back of the marble/pebble and set it on top of the image you want for the ring. Leave it until the glue dries clear. Cover the back with copper tape, then the sides of the marble/pebble. Use the burnishing tool to rub the foil tape so it is flush with the glass.

Use a small brush to coat the copper tape with flux.

Put on your gloves and goggles. Turn on the solder iron according to package directions. Make sure to keep the exhaust hole of the tool up and away from you as the tool heats up. Once you see the coils turn red inside the exhaust hole, hold the tip of the tool to the solder wire until it melts and then let it drop onto the flux-coated copper tape.

Carefully smooth the solder across the tape until it is nice and even. Let it cool before touching. Use clamps to hold the pieces in place as you work.

Now it’s time to add the ring bases. You can add copper tape and flux to the ring base and solder to the back of the marble/pebble, or um…just use extra strength adhesive like I did!

The idea is to have fun, right?

Thanks for checking out my post!

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