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Get Inked! DIY Temporary Tattoos

Here’s a DIY temporary tattoos tutorial for you!

Have you always wanted to sport a cool inked design but haven’t been ready for the commitment of a needle and ink? With a bit of creativity and the right supplies, you can create these right now! Here is an easy alternative to the real thing until you decide to go under the needle!

While there are several ways to craft these tattoos, this guide will teach you how to make yours with a printer and a few other basic supplies.

Materials for DIY temporary tattoos:

    • Computer and printer
    • Tattoo/decal paper (available at most craft stores)
    • Scissors
    • Water
    • Washcloth or paper towels

Instructions for DIY temporary tattoos:

      1. Create your tattoo design on Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or download one off the internet and open it on your image editing program of choice.
      2. Check your tattoo paper for specific printing instructions. For most types of paper, load it into the printer with the glossy side facing up. Print your design in either black or color ink.
      3. Carefully cut out your design, leaving a small border around the edge. This will ensure that you can apply the tattoo without touching the ink directly.
      4. Similar to the process with a store-bought tattoo, peel the plastic layer off of the piece of tattoo paper. This should reveal your tattoo design.
      5. Place the piece of paper face down on your skin. Use a slightly wet paper towel or washcloth to gently apply pressure to the tattoo. Hold it here for about thirty seconds.
      6. Gently lift just one corner of the tattoo paper to see if the ink has transferred to the skin. If it has not, you likely need to apply more pressure.
      7. If the ink has transferred, slowly peel the paper away from the skin. If applied correctly, the tattoo design should be complete!

    Making Your DIY Temporary Tattoos Last Longer

    Once you apply your temporary tattoo, take care of the area so that the ink lasts as long as possible. Avoid wearing tight clothing on that area of the skin. While you are showering, gently wash the area rather than scrubbing it like you do the rest of your skin. You can also apply petroleum jelly or baby powder to the skin to prolong your tattoo’s life. But remember, once it wears off, you can always make another one.

    Now that you know how to make your own temporary tattoos, you can share them with your family and friends. For example, 1.5×1.5 inch sizes are perfect for the kids in your life, since they easily fit on cheeks and hands. For your adult friends, you can think bigger.

    Regardless of the occasion — your kid’s birthday party or a bachelorette weekend — encourage your friends and loved ones to really express themselves with their custom tattoos. After all, they are only temporary.

Thanks for reading my DIY temporary tattoos tutorial! Let me know if you try this method!

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