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Calorie-free Felt Empanada Ornaments!

Don’t these look so real? These felt empanada ornaments are inspired by some empanada pincushions I made years ago. I made them in a rush, didn’t take great pictures and thought I’d recreate them with respect. Because they are so cool!

I recreated them – but this time as ornaments rather than pincushions. And then ended up teaching a class.

Special thanks to Kunin Felt for supplying the felt for my class! I wrote and asked. Not only did they send felt, but I learned that the felt is made from recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. It’s called Eco-Fi and it’s the process of turning plastic bottles into fabric! Check out their site to see all the varieties they have!

Here’s a DIY video I made of how to make the ornaments, so you can make them too!

YouTube video

Here are some pictures from the class. Just like bakers, everyone put their own personality into making these. We all started with the same supplies and came out with signature looks!

SUPPLIES to make felt empanada ornaments:

Tan, golden or brown felt

Matching thread




Optional: Paint to add “browned” effect.
Felt empanadas

CHECK OUT THE VIDEO TO SEE THE DIRECTIONS for these cool felt empanada ornaments!

Thanks for checking out my project! Have a great day!

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