Mini Sugar Skull Piñata DIY

mini skull pinatas

This is a super cool tutorial – how to make mini sugar skull piñatas! I used one of my Crafty Chica die cut sets, which I love because you can layer two sheets of cardstock at a time to crank out a lot of these!

I was feeling frisky tonight and made it into a video. By the way, I’ve been slack a lackin’ on my videos – now that I have my new art space, I plan to crank them out once or twice a week!

In the meantime, here is the mini sugar skull piñata tutorial!


Crafty Chica Sizzix Sugar Skull Thin Lit Set



Tissue paper or party streamer


White craft glue


Filler: small candies or confetti!

Sugar skull mini-pinata with tissue paper ruffles


Cut two sets of the die, then cut a strip that is about 1″ wide and tape it along the side of one of the skulls, then the other. Watch the video to see the technique. Don’t forget to insert your goodies before you seal up the piñata! Add the party streamer as ruffles, or add strips of tissue paper and use the scissors to make fringe.

Where to use these mini sugar skull piñatas:

  • Party gifts
  • Promo items
  • Craft night project
  • Gift tags
  • Muertos ofrenda – add the name of a loved one across the forehead!
  • String them together to make garland

By the way, if you want to to see how to make a large sugar skull piñata – I have a tutorial for that too!


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