The Magic of Mucho Mas Art Studio!

September is kicking off in a BIG way. I have so many exciting updates to share!

First of all – Mucho Más Art Studio!

Opening a physical art space has been on the bucket list for decades. I never thought it was feasible because I feared the overhead costs. But you know what? Since when did I ever let fear hold me back from other projects. And this space came about at the perfect time, with the perfect people, for the perfect price.

There’s a little bit of magic to this story. My longtime friend (since we were in our 20s), Curtis, owned Galeana39, it was a long time dream of his. I used to visit his shop (I even had a pop-up there!) and hang out with him and talk all things art and retail. I had noticed a black curtain separating half of the space. A photographer rented it but never used it. 

Around that same time, my friend Nely Galan invited me to join her at the summer DWEN summit. It’s a financial summit for women business owners who made at least $3 million a year, and then they would register and 100 of them were chosen to go to this summit. Nely was the keynote speaker. I was so nervous to attend, but it really changed my life, I’m sooo happy I pushed through the fear and self-doubt to step into that space! OMG, it changed my life and my whole perspective on building a buisness and making money. 

My assignment at the summit was to come up with three entrepreneurial business ideas to present to a panel of mentors. The goal of this summit was to help more women launch successful businesses. The whole mindset was using what they learned to help other women and come closer to closing the gender pay gap. Especially among Latina entrepreneurs!

I chose:

Idea 1: Crafty Chica Media: Renting an office and hiring a writer, photog, graphic design, with the goal of making this site an full-fledged online magazine with advertising.

Idea 2: A Crafty Chica/Latinx retail space to sell my handmade goods, licensed products, and books and host workshops and events.

Idea 3: A Crafty Chica Air BnB: I’d buy a piece of property and trick it out to be a really cool Air BnB to rent.

The panel agreed Idea 2 was where I should go. Honestly, I was a little disappointed because I was more excited about the first and third ideas – honestly I still want to do both of those down the road. But throughout my days at this summit, I worked on a loose business plan for the retail space and by the time I stepped on the plane for home, I felt genuinely excited. Like I KNEW this was going to come to fruition.

I remember going back to Curtis’ shop the next week to tell him all about it, peeking behind that curtain and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” then i’d say, “Nah, that would never happen.”

And guess what? Within ONE month, Curtis called me to say, “Guess what? The photographer moved out, the space is for rent! You should get it!”

I knew in that moment, it was meant to be. Patrick gave me two thumbs up of support. Now that we were empty nesters, it was a project both of us could do together outside of the house. I reached out to a colleague and invited her to join us for the journey! She happily agreed and now we are on our way!

When I did the first pop-up at Galena 39, I had invited her to join me and it really did feel like magic. It feels good to partner with another strong and artful mujer!  We want it to be a place to celebrate Latinx art in our community and sell our own art without having to set up at events! I’m already closing my eyes to manifest a very successful shop that people will love and will be around for years to come! I can feel it already!

Here’s a tiny picture of what the space looks like as of today. But tonight it will be transformed into a Mexi-bohemian escape! We’re having a “soft launch” opening tonight for First Fridays, we’ll be saying hi, hanging art and setting up the space. We’ll have an official big grand opening next month! 

As far as what we’ll be doing there – it will be a working studio space, my new YouTube filming area, retail sales of our finished pieces, plus art workshops and so much more. Right in the Central Phoenix area, actually, it’s called the Miracle Mile area. See more about the Miracle Mile Merchants here!

The takeaway: If you have a BIG idea, flesh it out and see what happens. Take action. I promise the universe will meet you half way! I still have the business plan I made at the DWEN summit, I’m going to use it as inspiration and motivation if I ever get stressed with running the store – but I doubt that I will because I’m too excited!!!!

Also happening: Fair Trade Cafe Art Show

Patrick has a big show up at Fair Trade Cafe through September 24th, and I have a few pieces in there as well! We’ll be there tonight from 6-7, before we head over to Mucho Más Art Studio.

Fair Trade Cafe is located at 1020 N 1ST AVE PHOENIX

This is a fabric collage piece I had at the Mesa Arts Center and now it’s gracing the walls at Fair Trade!

This is one I made to celebrate Phoenix!


Happy Friday to everyone! Sending many blessings to all of you!

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  1. Woooah! I have just stumbled upon your site and I think it might be the most beautiful and interesting site I have ever seen! It’s awesome, love love love the art work!!!

  2. Hello Mrs Murillo I was just watching your first ever live video showing all your new products you are amazingly awesome I love all the colors you use I wish I can bye your dies omg when I saw the heart and the other die that turns into a like a box and you can use all your papers I started to cry because I just lost my husband and mother and because of all the financial stress I’m under I cannot afford to buy any thing but I just wanted to wish you the best and God bless you and your family you are amazing keep your colorful line going one day I might be able to buy something god bless FYI you are beautiful loland so humble


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