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Non-Traditional Fall Craft Projects to Try!

Here are seven Non-Traditional Fall Craft Projects! Tired of the expected fall craft ideas? Looking to spice up your creativity for you and your kids? I’m feeling the same way. Let’s go for it! Here are some non-traditional fall craft ideas you can make that will impress the kiddos, as well as your neighbors and friends! The biggest key is to toss out the rules, and let yourself have fun!

Boho-Inspired Fall Garden Garland

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HGTV has a great non-traditional idea for fall decorating. Feathers, beads, twine – I like it! Parents.com suggests making a ‘DIY tree’ by gathering some stray branches from your yard and placing them upright in a potted planter. Add some stones, gourds, or pumpkins to the bottom to weigh the branches down. Then, help your children string some fairy lights and decorations on the branches. The resulting display makes a beautiful addition to any garden and provides a soft light for your children to play outdoors during the evening.

Jumbo Tissue Flowers

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Who says you have to stick with the expected fall colors? Burst out of the boring and use bright oranges, pinks and teals to celebrate autumn. There are no rules, only what makes you happy!

Plastic Bag Kite

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In a landfill, plastic bags can take up to 1,000 years to degrade. That’s because plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photo-degrade, breaking down into smaller toxic pieces that cause dangerous bio-accumulation in the food chain. Instead of throwing away your plastic bags and letting them end up in a landfill, collect a few and help your children make plastic kites to fly out in the fall wind. The only other materials you’ll need are ones that you probably already have in your home.
These instructions from The Craft Nest are simple enough, so gather your materials and prepare to see the looks of pure joy on your kids’ faces as they take to the open skies with their high-flying and eco-friendly kites. I also shared the above video from Home Factory that also comes with a template!

Cement Pumpkin Planter

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This one has been making the rounds on social media and I’m definitely in the mood to try it! If you don’t want to go with something as heavy as concrete, there are alternatives, like these Hypertufa pots made from Portland cement, perlite (or vermiculite), and water. Here is the tutorial from Lowes!

Real Pumpkin Planters

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In 2014, 35% of all households in America (that’s 42 million households!) were growing food at home or in a community garden. Even though traditional gardening projects are not the most ideal during this time of year, you can still bring the best parts of the outdoors into your home by hollowing out a mini or full-sized pumpkin and using it as a planter. This festive and eco-friendly fall craft is sure to be loved by the kids, and if you plant seasonal spices, you’ll be able to add tasty fresh herbs to any meal you wish. Just make sure to water when the soil is dry and when plants or herbs first begin to wilt. Also, remember that soil that can’t be formed into a ball is too dry to supply water to plant roots.

How does this project work? If you’ve built a jack o’lantern, then it should be easy enough! Carve out a circular section at the top, empty out the pumpkin, fill it with soil, and plant your favorite fall flowers. Or watch the above tutorial from HGTV Handmade!

Wax Leaves

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For many children, the best part of fall is being able to enjoy the beautiful leaves. Allow your children to go outdoors and search for the prettiest leaves they can find. After they’ve selected their favorites, you can use ordinary wax paper to preserve the, as shown in the video above. Once you hang them to dry, they can be hung as a decoration all season long.

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Paint Your Own Talavera Pumpkin

Two way s to paint a talavera pumpkin.

Ultimately, it’s important to be creative when encouraging children to go outdoors and enjoy these unique fall crafts. Allowing children to experiment with their favorite parts of fall festivities will set them up for a happy and healthy season and rest of the year.

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