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How to host a fundraiser craft night

Have you ever thought of hosting a fundraiser craft night? Perhaps for your craft business, your community or for a non-profit? Here is how you can do it – trust me, I’ve planned and executed many of these over the years.

They are such a wonderful way to bring people together, share ideas, teach techniques and celebrate creativity!

The example I’m using in this post is from a Day of the Dead craft night hosted by my former craft group.

Prepping the kits for our event

Pick a theme for your event

Seasonal event work really well, spring, summer, holiday, etc. Or even in the off-months, come up with a creative reason.

Create the agenda

We had 9 people in our craft group so we came up with four projects, and two group members manned the table.

We connected with a local bookstore and they took 20% of our sales. This was better than us having to invest and pay a rental fee. We capped our event at 50 people and we had a waiting list. We created an event page and people had to buy tickets online. 

Four projects, four hours, $40. You can’t beat that price. The price definitely could have gone much higher, but we wanted to keep it low so families could join in the fun.

Other ideas for how to host a fundraiser craft night

Work with a larger space to hold more people.

Build in enough time so people can comfortably complete each project.  One table per project (we used tables that held ten people at a time). When they finish one project, they go to another table for the next project.

Rather than charge a flat fee, have each table set its own price.

Come up with projects that are low cost, make use of items people can donate supplies for, such as yarn, fabric, paper, etc.

Shop at the dollar store for the basic supplies like glue and such.

Ask a local community organization to sponsor your event, donate tables and chairs, etc

Create an event page, create a hashtag, and refer everyone there to sign up.

Offer raffles or giveaways.

How to host a fundraiser craft night: The nitty gritty stuff:

Get there early to set up.

Have someone there to check in each guest.

Use table covers, have lots of small trash bins.

I don’t recommend loose glitter, especially if you are using someone else’s property!

Have volunteers to help set up, assist guests, and clean up.

Don’t forget a music playlist.

Ask someone lively to host, and use the mic to keep the event fun.

If possible, package kits for each person, and then have extra supplies if needed.

Practice your crafts ahead of time to ensure the proper time needed.

I hope this help with How to host a fundraiser craft night!

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