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Let’s Do This! How To Make Organic Soap



I’m doing this! I want to make organic soap! Think about it – if there is one absolutely essential self-care product, it’s soap. We take it for granted! This slick substance keeps us clean and free of bacteria, which is not a bad way to be. This necessity has made soap into a widespread industry, with soap suppliers producing 10 billion pounds every year.

And with the right supplies, you can create your own custom blends to suit your personality.

ALSO…did you know that by using bar soap and ditching the plastic bottled versions, you are creating less waste for the environment? If you are using bottled soaps now, save the container because I shared a fun video at the bottom of this post that shows how to reuse it to make foaming hand soap!

This guide will teach you how you can get creative by crafting your very own bar of soap. Pampering awaits.

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Why Make Organic Soap At Home?

YouTube video

VIDEO: DIY Organic Soap by RafaDIYLifestyle

Even though you could easily go to the store and buy a generic bar of soap, there are plenty of benefits to making your own. And it mainly comes down to ingredients. Handmade soap has natural ingredients that help your skin retain moisture without the harsh chemicals of commercial soaps. You can customize your bar to meet your specific skin needs.

How To Make Your Own Soap

Homemade soap recipe from DIYNatural.com

The following is a basic rundown of how to craft your own soap. For more ideas and specific instructions, you can check out DIY Natural and Wellness Mama.


    • Two large jars
    • Stove pan
    • Mixing bowl
    • Spoon
    • Soap molds
    • Cling wrap
    • Towel
    • Safety glasses and gloves


    • 2/3 cup coconut oil
    • 2/3 cup oil of your choice (This is to get the yummy essential oil benefits, so try out grapeseed, lavender, sunflower, or a similar oil.)
    • 2/3 cup olive oil
    • 1/4 cup sodium hydroxide (lye) in crystal form (Note: Lye can be dangerous to work with. You can learn more about lye here.)
    • Textured items such as oatmeal, salt, or other ingredients
    • Distilled water

Make it!

    • Set up your workstation and put on protective glasses and gloves.
    • Carefully measure 3/4 cup of your distilled water into a large jar. Slowly pour the lye into the water and stir thoroughly as you do this. Do not let the fumes blow into your face. Stir until the water is clear.
    • Next, mix your selected oils together in a separate jar. Pour these oils into a pan on the stove and heat them to about 120 degrees. Let the mixture cool to around 100 degrees.
    • Pour the oils into a bowl and slowly mix in the lye. Stir this mixture for about five minutes.
    • Once the mix is at a smooth texture, you can add in any herbs, essential oils, textured items, or other ingredients you want to use to personalize your soap.
    • Pour the soap into your molds and cover them with cling wrap. Place a towl around the mold container and let the soap sit for about 24 hours or until firm.
    • Remove your soap from the molds and wrap it up to keep it clean.
    • Let your soap sit for several days and then enjoy!

Once you are finished, soak all of your equipment in white vinegar to neutralize the lye. This is an important step, as this ingredient can be toxic. Once you have cleaned up, you can finally enjoy your soap and give some away to your friends.

Here are some other fun soap ideas!

Here’s one of mine – I embedded objects!

YouTube video

I love these ideas from Nifty!

YouTube video

And check out this squishy Flubber soap from Karina Garcia!

YouTube video

Here’s how to make Flan-inspired soap!

And here’s how to make your own liquid soap, thanks to Break and Remake!

YouTube video

I hope you are as excited to make organic soap as I am!

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  1. Hi – cold process soap should cure for 4-6 weeks before use so it can finish turning into soap and harden enough not to melt away. A few days of cure could be very harsh to use. It should sit around and lose some water weight for a bit. Plus, soap cured for six weeks (or longer) is amazing to use on your skin, a real treat 🙂


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