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How to Make a COCO-inspired Cake w/ VeroSweetHobby

How to Make a COCO-inspired cake – let’s do this!

I have a fun and helpful interview for you guys today, thanks to my friend, Vero! She is a very popular YouTuber because of her talent for decorating amazing cakes. Recently, she told me about her recent creation – a Coco-inspired cake! The top looks like a skeleton version of Miguel, the main character from the movie!

First I’ll share her video tutorial, and then her tips to help you with your cake baking and decorating endeavors! I really love how she not only breaks it down step-by-step but also chats in corner of the screen. I feel like we are getting to know her, as well as her skills!

NOTE: To read English caption, press the “CC” icon at the bottom of the video!

YouTube video

Vero, how did you get into baking and decorating cakes?

I started when my son turned 2, I wanted to make him a Lighting McQueen cake so badly that I asked a pastry chef friend to make it for me, she said no, instead she taught me to make it and I fell in love with cake decorating. Plus my son’s emotional reaction was unforgivable!

What are some tips for newbies to this edible art form?

To start baking and cake decorating I’d say, make it easy! Start slow, like don’t make a cake from scratch, make one from a box, pick a nice brand. Then learn how to make buttercream (frosting), that is super important! You can take my recipe from my YouTube channel, it never fails!

YouTube video

Then pick a theme that is attractive to you, fun! And try to follow a tutorial, pick an easy to follow at the beginning! The beauty of cake decorating is: it’s OK to make mistakes! You can always erase and draw on top of your mistake.
What has been your biggest cake challenge?
When I started my YouTube channel, I had no idea of what I was doing, I had no lights to shoot my videos, I was alone with a non-professional camera! I tried to make a mini Minions cake! The whole scene was just sad… The cakes were horrendous, the day was cloudy, I had to use a side table lamp that had a very yellowish tone and I looked so disappointed, like asking myself why? Whyyyy? I never made that video, but I kept the pictures just to remember the beginning and enjoy where I am now!

YouTube video

What inspired you to make this tutorial How to Make a COCO-inspired cake?
Since the moment I heard about Coco I knew I had to make a cake to celebrate it. I was so excited to see that Disney was going to make a movie to celebrate this special Mexican tradition! Day of the Dead is such a powerful and wonderful way to remember our loved ones! Coming from Argentina, I never heard about it until I came to the US and I fell in love with it! This year and with Coco just about to premiere, I felt moved to make my first little altar. I made to honor my tía who was like a second mom to me, what a beautiful way to remember her!
You said you have a new technique for this cake!
If you are not an artist, like me, it’s really hard to make faces in fondant, so I decided to just trace it! I covered my cake with white buttercream to simulate makeup. Then, I simply traced the face of the little boy from the movie by printing his face on a regular paper, I cut each part and then I traced the same shapes in fondant. The result was adorable! And the best part, this technique is so easy to make that you can actually make any face from any of your favorite movies! I can’t wait to see Coco and because it comes from Disney Pixar, I’m sure it will be just an amazing memorable movie.

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