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Coco Movie Premiere

You guysss!

I’m home from the Coco movie premiere! The film opens nationwide on November 22nd!

YouTube video

I want to tell you all about the big night, but first, want to thank you for the support of my articles on this movie. I love reading your emails and comments about how excited you are for this movie to come out. We’re all in this together! I feel the same way. I covered the premiere a lot on my Instagram stories, but also took a lot of pictures to share here. We received a gift bag of goodies from the film and I’m excited to pass them along to you! First up a Miguel plushie! You can see at the bottom of the post how to enter to win. I’ll make it easy, promise!

Okay, let me dial back to last month when I received the official invite from Disney Pixar. While I was delighted enough to almost fall over in my chair, my anxiety level went through the roof because…RED CARPET?

What would I wear?

I imagined me being this person, the one who bumps into everyone…

I’m so clumsy, I haven’t worn heels in a decade, and I’m not exactly the “gown” type. I decided to scrap tradition and wear something “Crafty Chica” comfortable. I ended up with this dress and these shoes in red. I then embellished a jeans jacket with a creative explosion of my excitement. I painted designs from Coco down the sides, added pins, appliques and so on. I LOVED my outfit.

Then the night arrived for the event and our group filed out into the parking lot to the motorcoaches. I took one look at all the other bloggers and my heart fell into my gut. They all looked so gorgeous. classy, dressy, in tip-top form. I wanted to hide, I was so embarrassed and wanted to hide. I could hear my mom’s voice “WHY, Kathy? Why can’t you just be normal? Who wears chanclas to a red carpet premiere?”

I began chatting with the other bloggers, and my friends back home messaged me a wall of support. They all gave me two thumbs up on my attire and told me to rock it. So I did! Before I knew it, my spirits were up and I let my excitement lead the way.

But you know what? There at the premiere, some people dressed to the nines, while others went more casual. Some went all out with headdresses and face painting. That is the beauty of this movie, it unites people of ALL personality types, backgrounds, ages, cultures. Everyone fit in! No matter what people wore, everyone connected with each other in the true spirit of the film.

I didn’t know many of the bloggers in our group, but by the end, we all bonded. The night was so magical and special, and we experienced it together. It wasn’t just about the movie, it was about community and celebrating the beauty of Mexican traditions. not to mention, it swarmed with celebrities. What elevated the emotions was that all of the families of the filmmakers, cast and crew attended. So at the end of the film, people stood, cheered, clapped, cried, laughed, lots of gritos too!

Here is Alexys Gabrielle from Disney interviewing on the red carpet.

YouTube video

Folklorico dancers at the Coco premiere. The dresses were representative of Sinaloa, Mexico.

We arrived at the premiere and guess what? I fit right in! There were other people in “embellished” outfits as well. And once the other bloggers joined with the flower crowns, temporary tattoos and such, we all blended together nicely.

With fellow blogger, Sylvia Martinez, and we bumped into Ana Flores from We All Grow Latina!

Thank goodness I wore those Fit Flops because Disney Pixar set up three ginormous tents of hands-on activities, food, music, dancing and lots more. I was able to cover every inch because my feet were smiling iiny comfy choos…

Can you believe the red carpet was made of marigold flower pedals? The aroma filled with tents from one end to the other. Marigolds are an important aspect of Dia de los Muertos, the scent helps lure the spirits home to the ofrenda their families creates for them. In the film, there are tall marigold bridges that connect the living world with that of the dead.

Even the food was presented pretty!

I stopped by every table! I made a Coco necklace from a guitar pick…

I had a Coco tattoo spray painted on my arm (it’s still there!).

And this was really impressive – there was a photo booth, and the team printed out all the social media pictures that had the #CocoPremiere hashtag, separated them by color and then created these giant murals. LIVE, right there while we watched. Amazing!

Another impressive attraction. One table had flowers pots to decorate, and when you finished, someone handed you a lollipop. But this was no ordinary sucker.

After you eat the lollipop, you plant the stick inside the pot with soil and it will grow marigolds!

Here are more pictures you can click through of the night!

Oh! And you know what else was a big part of the night? The release of Olaf’s Frozen Adventure! It’s a 21-minute short that is as hilarious as it is endearing. There are four new songs, and the story is adorable, it’ll make you cry. And CRAFTY ALERT  – there is an incredible scene involving a knitted sweater.

GIVEAWAY!! See below to enter to win this Miguel plushie. And thanks again for reading my articles!

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Gelato, with a side of elote, please…

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41 thoughts on “Coco Movie Premiere”

  1. Kathy! I feel the same way. I like to dress comfortable so I totallg understand the sandals. Thank you for always thinking of your fans and giving away stuff that was given to you. Thank you for always sharing.

  2. Thank You Kathy for sharing your awesome experience. Through your eyes I was there and I can’t wait to see this beautiful movie. That premiere was over the top, I love all the hands-on craft booths, the vibrant colors that are part of the Mexican culture…..LOVE LOVE

  3. Love love love the way they decorated for the premier! Love the use of flowers, colors and When i saw who the cast was i was like yes thumbs up. Plus the food looked yummy!!! Looks like a load of fun! Can’t wait to watch the film for me it means alot because its a tradition my family has been doing generation after generations. So glad to know that they got all the details and meaning and made this film. Taking my one year old daughter to watch it super excited she so far a huge fan of the songs and previews we have seen. We saw the show they had of coco at dca but sad to see they took it off after halloween time but glad to have experienced it 🙂 thanks for sharing with all of us on this blog and insta <3

  4. What a great experience, and your outfit fit right in with all the great colors in this fun movie..can hardly wait to see it , I live in Gilbert, hope it shows in my area ..
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your Familia ????

  5. Loved all the pictures of the marigolds! Also you looked fabulous in your dress and chanclas! I would have worn something like that.

  6. Wow what a premier! I thought everyone was just going to go down the ‘red’ carpet and then watch the movie. So many cool activities. The photo booth was awesome. I wonder what happen to all the pictures afterwards? Thanks for sharing this cool event.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Kathy! As I scrolled through this post, I found myself becoming super emotional. To see so many people that look like me, food that looks like it could have been prepared by my abuelita and seeing our traditions being showcased was just overwhelming! It all looks so very beautiful! I was hoping to see a picture of you with Gael (swoon)!

  8. It looked like an amazing event with so many things to do & look at. Can’t wait for the movie to come out! So excited to go see it.

  9. I have been a fan of yours for years and have seen you and your hubby at different events around town. I follow your blog and all your fun adventures!! I love living vicariously through your bright and vivacious lifestyle of COLORS!! Love seeing your crafts and creative juices flow!! Keep sharing all the fun stuff!!

  10. I think you looked great, Kathy. The dress was cute and I’m still drooling over the jacket. I loved the pictures! Everything looked so exciting. I’m so jealous over the fun activities that you participated in at the premiere. I can’t wait to see this movie with my nieces.

  11. First off, thanks for sharing your pictures and the plushie with us. You looked fabulous. I think comfortable shoes can make or break an event. Who wants to be hurting when you should be having fun! We will be going to see the movie as a family. So looking forward to it. You were blessed to be asked to attend and I’m so jelly. The whole atmosphere was a big fiesta. Were those tamales? Everything delighted the senses. Just WOW!

  12. My favorite part about the premier was the Marigold red carpet! What a fantastic idea and wait incorporate the movie into the premiere ,

  13. I love your outfit for the premiere! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with us. I can’t wait to take my grandson to see the movie! I’m sure my 30-something year old daughters will love it too!

  14. Thank you for sharing your experience and pics. Almost felt like we were there. Can’t wsit to see movie on the 22nd taking my mom for her birthday!

  15. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful event with us! You always make it work girl. Thank you for loving and embracing these beautiful traditions and bringing them to life.

  16. I have been waiting to take my son to Coco to help introduce him to this tradition. He came to me through open adoption and I want him to be proud of his heritage. Going next year to the community celebration.

  17. All of it! It’s wonderful to see our beautiful Mexican culture represented. I really liked Crafty Chica’s denim jacket – but also that marigold lollipop seemed like such a clever idea!

  18. I think the entire Coco premiere looked beautiful! I’m happy to read that you got over the initial concerns regarding your wardrobe too! You looked fabulous, mujer. This makes me more excited to see the movie! ????


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