Coco Movie Review + Phx Screening Family Pack Giveaway #PixarCocoEvent

Coco is going to be one of those films where you will always remember the first time you watched it and where. Who you were with, how it made you feel, what scene moved you the most, what joke stayed in your mind.

From the team that brought us Toy Story and Finding Nemo, how could Coco be less than fabulous? Dia de Los Muertos is such a beloved tradition in Mexican and Mexican-American culture. Many of us, like me, didn’t grow up celebrating it and embraced it as young adults – embraced it hard, with all our hearts. To have a special event that celebrates the cycle of life and honors our ancestors be embedded in our cultural roots? No wonder we adore it so much. However, we’ve seen this tradition be misused, disrespected, exploited, commercialized, and combined with Halloween.

This is why I felt a bit hesitant at first when I heard about the Coco movie. I want the world to join in, but only if they do it respectfully and with the right intention and knowledge. Right up until the first scene played on the screen at the Coco premiere… even with all the excitement I experienced leading up to that moment, I said a little prayer “please let this be good.”

I let myself have an open mind and wow – it starts off with many gasp-worthy moments of awe. Right from the get-go, you’ll feel your corazon bloom into a giant marigold that expands in your chest. It’s that special. It will make you want to research your family lineage and learn stories about your elders’ pasts. It will make you hug your grandparents and maybe even offer to bring them to a screening too.

It will make you want to start crafting as soon as you get home, so much creativity!

Coco isn’t even really about Dia de Los Muertos, it takes place during that time, but the real story is about family relationships and the expectations we put upon each other. It’s also about unconditional love and believing in your children enough to encourage them to pursue their passions in life, no matter what your personal ideals are.

I don’t want to go into a lot of detail about the film because I want you to see it without any tainting. If you plan to see it, go early before people spill the deets. I kept my ears closed, and I tried not to read a lot of social media, and it paid off. It’s a much better movie if you go in without any knowledge of what is to come. Kudos to the marketing team for not giving anything away in the trailers!

The basic plot centers on a little boy, Miguel, who wants nothing more than to play music like his idol, the flashy and debonaire, Ernesto de la Cruz. Miguel will stop at nothing to enter the town contest on Dia de Los Muertos. He ditches his family’s rules and even considers stealing Ernesto’s famous crystal-encrusted calavera guitar that hangs in the cemetery. This is what kicks off the journey.

Coco is a feast for the soul and senses. There is just so much to take in visually, and if you concentrate too hard, you’ll miss the many clever jokes that fly by. Not only speaking but in the songs too. The story also weaves in familiar nuances in the external characters and the settings. You’ll recognize many personalities from your own family, trust me.

There is also the topic of death and how it relates to Day of the Dead. It’s explained lovingly, yet casual, without it sounding like a stodgy school lesson. I think younger kids will appreciate the idea that their loved ones still live on in spirit – as long as they are remembered. Coco creates an opportunity to talk about the topic with kids.

Another pleasure you’ll discover are all the wonderful surprises that pop up. Again, I don’t want to give anything away, but let’s just say the filmmakers went all out to represent the icons and humor of Mexican pop culture. Pay attention to EVERYTHING!

Anything critical? The only thing I can think of it I wonder what it would have been like if the character of Miguel had been female. Now that would have really sent me over the top!

Coco is the perfect family film for the holidays, it’s one you’ll want to see multiple times. And years down the road, when it ends up on TV, it will be one of those flicks that will make you drop what you’re doing and sit down and watch it again. That’s when you know a movie is a classic!

Coco opens in theaters nationwide on November 22nd.

PHOENIX GIVEAWAY! I have some free family 4-packs to give away for a screening at Park West, November 21st, 7 pm. Simply leave a comment below explaining why you are excited about the movie and you’ll be entered to win. I’ll notify winners by this Saturday, November 18th.

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  1. I’m just excited to see it so that my kids can see that “cartoons” also celebrate what we believe in and do all the time. Family love and pride.

  2. I think it would be fun to watch this film.I’m so looking forward to seeing it. It might be nostalgic in bringing back fun memories of growing up in Mexico.

  3. I’ve been excited ever since Disney Pixar announced the making of this movie. I feel it is a long time coming; we need more movies that celebrate other holidays, cultures, and traditions. Mexico needs more representation; it’s good for children of all ethnicities to see stories like this on screen. Beautiful and creative, colorful and inspirational! Also, it officially opens in theaters on my birthday.

  4. I am very excited to see this movie with my family and my grandkids. Both of my grandkids (one grandson, one granddaughter) are mixed nationalities (Mexican and Polish-grandson and Mexican and Eastern European – granddaughter) but have been mostly raised by their non-Mexican mothers. Their mothers have done a great job but as their Abuela, it is very important to me that they also know their Mexican heritage and culture and language and traditions that we hold dear. I would love for them to attend the screening and get a jump start on all things Coco! This is such a great opportunity for a fun family night out and the movie looks spectacular!

  5. I am extremely excited about taking my 3 little ones to see Coco! I have 3 and the oldest is almost 6 years old. My two oldest children are in a marachi group and I would love for them to observe the vibrant sounds and traditions of Mexico that we have studied. I have made it a point to introduce the beautiful art of Mexico and we would love to see a movie that would reinforce the strong cultural ties of Mexico as well! We are loco for Coco!!!

  6. I am excited to take my little buddy to a film that shows off the music the familia and traditions that come with being Mexican. Disney is really rounding out the cultures. From Mulan to Moana we have been able to see a little bit of cultures from around the world. Excited for this film.

  7. My family and I can’t wait to see Coco! We want to see it because it is part of our culture and traditions and I think it can be a fun and entertaining way for my children to learn more about it. Though it is fiction it is still a way for them to become closer to our culture and traditions. I hope we can win this family pack and go see Coco together thanksgiving weekend!!!
    PS loved the guided tour with you at the Heard Museum!

  8. Overjoyed that this movie will provide another avenue for insight into our rich and magical culture. I would love to add my voice and my family’s support to this event to reinforce the importance of celebrating our heritage. Thank you to all involved!

  9. Sooo excited to see this movie! My son went away to college this fall and I can’t wait to have family time with him to celebrate our family and our culture.

  10. I can’t wait to see this with my family. I love sharing parts of our heritage with them. For my kiddo to see the connection of our ancestors and to why we do or celebrate things the way we do in an animated feature is amazing.

  11. I’ve been patiently waiting for a movie that will show just how beautiful our culture is. To show how beautiful the Latin American culture is! Just from the visuals I can see this movie is amazing, not only that but I feel that this movie has so much more to offer than what the trailers are showing. Which is awesome because I love being surprised! I want to take my daughter so she can see part of her culture and be wowed by the things she sees and the beauty this movie has!

  12. My family has been devouring every article, every preview & even read the Coco essential guide so we’re more than ready for the preview. The screening would also make for an awesome 11th birthday for my son.

  13. Our family is so excited to see this! It’s always nice when you see yourself in the character and this movie is one that we’ll be able to see characters that “look” like us and our families. I remember growing up and rarely seeing brown skin tones on the big screen; I’m glad my children will have movies like this to enjoy.

  14. I am obsessed with Pixar and have been anxiously awaiting this movie for well over a year now! It’s so cool to see a movie that celebrates people that’s that look like my family!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Like you, we didn’t celebrate Dia de Los Muertos growing up. My family has been and this side of the “line” for over 10 generations. We were aware of it, it’s tradition and importance. As we grew older and came into our own sense of self and culture; we embraced it “con gusto”! I feel this movie will bring a sense of pride and showcase our beautiful beliefs to the world. Maybe it will break some barriers as well. Si, se puede! ❤

  16. I am excited to see a movie that my Dad who is 70 yrs old said he can’t wait to see too! Family first!

  17. I’m excited. I have a close family friend that always invite me to join her and her family to see movies. I would live to return the favor with Coco.

  18. I would like to take my family to watch this movie, because everybody is saying how good it is and also because I would like to show my daughters about mexican culture, the respect that we show to our elders and to embrace where I come from, my beautiful and never forgotten Mexico.

  19. I can’t wait to see this movie! And finally a movie I can relate (and my family) can relate to… my dad is so excited to see it!! Family, Traditions, and Pride.

  20. I can’t wait to see the movie it reminds me of my families altars that are created to welcome my family and friends that are no longer with us. It’s a tradition that was taught to us by my grandma. I love the fact that there is yet another movie that shows and expresses such a beautiful tradition that is shown to many different ethnicities that will now understand what Día de Los Muertos is really about.

  21. I’m excited for the movie because it’s part of my heritage. As a kid growing up there wasn’t or any movies about Mexican traditions or heritage.

  22. I’ve been excited about this movie since I saw the trailer earlier this year. The culture & beautiful colors are a lot like your art work. Something awesome to teach my grandkids. Can’t wait to take my granddaughters to see.

  23. Coco is something that we’ve been planning to go see as a family. My youngest daughter just experienced her first death in the family- an uncle that passed and celebrating Dis de los Muertos this year, making our altar, to show her how we remember this year that she really understood. Making our altars in the past she saw how we did it and what we did but this time a person that she knew well and loved was attached to it. She struggled to be able to understand how we were celebrating his life, while he just passed. But, she finally was able to make the connection. ☺

  24. I’m excited to see Coco because I’m obsessed with Dia de los Muertos. I literally screamed when I heard that Disney was making Coco. I feel it’s important for Mexican culture to be represented in a positive and artistic manner. I believe Coco is going to show the world our beautiful and meaningful holiday tastefully. Also it will show people that it’s not Mexico’s version of Halloween but a way to celebrate our love ones whom have passed.

  25. My daughter fell in love with your art for the St. Mary’s Dia de Los Muertos celebration. We love celebrating this special event. We can’t wait to see the movie.

  26. I’m sooo looking forward to seeing this with my girls! And they’re tiny, so let’s be real I’m totally going to a kids’ movie– FOR ME. 😉

  27. I’m so excited to see the movie because we finally get to see something that thoroughly portrays our people, our culture and traditions. Growing up in the United States, in a sense feels like I️ missed out on all the wonderful celebrations from Mexico but as I️ grew, I️ always made sure to read and learn as much as possible. The Day of the Dead is one of my favorite holidays and I️ look forward to being able to share and teach my children these beautiful customs.

  28. I am so exited for YOU Kathy “the Crafty Chica”!! What an honor for our very own City of Phoenix & Latina woman everywhere to have a Pixar movie inspired by your creativity & art work!! Congratulations!! We need more movies like this so that our children have an opportunity to see their roots & culture. How could I not be excited to take them to a movie & say this is what we’re about, this is what your abuelita is about! Especially excited to see this movie inspired by your art & from our very own city!!

  29. Familia, keeping traditions alive… next generation will continue celebrating our culture <3 Can't wait to take the kiddos to see it.

  30. My daughters and I have been so excited to see this! I love the Dia de los Muertos traditions and the vibrancy and celebration that comes with it. Plus, with you teasing it for what seems like forever, how can we NOT be excited to see it!

  31. We are HUGE Disney fans and have been excitedly awaiting the arrival of this film!!! I love everything to do with Sugarskulls and with the mix of Disney Magic has my family and myself holding in our excitement!!!

  32. I just can’t wait to watch Coco with my mom and son!!….Not only will we experience it as a family but it’s even more excited because mami has never been to the movies.

  33. I cannot wait to see this movie. Not only are we huge Disney fans, but as a single Latina mother , I have made it one of my many “mom goals ” to teach my children about our heritage…their heritage. I want them to see the beauty, passion, love and sacrifice or their ancestors so they can truly appreciate all they will endure in life. We are close family, and this type of platform just brings us closer together . La familia siempre!

  34. I can’t wait to see this movie!
    I’m very passionate about día de los muertos tradition in my family.

  35. I’m so excited to see Coco with my kids because I love showing them their roots and culture and seeing a big feature film that reflects that is just so special to be able to experience with them.

  36. When I first heard about the movie Coco, I was extremely happy and excited. It reminded me about The Book of Life, I do love that movie as well, as a child growing up my Father and Nana were the ones who taught me the traditions of our cultural background. It makes me proud that now I am grown as a young mother I can teach and show my children the same traditions and meanings of our culture, we take pride in our loved ones before us and it is a beautiful wonderful meaning. These movies helped my children embrace what we do as a family for dia de los muertos, and I’m happy that Pixar created a movie that gives not only diversity but more so introducing different ethnicity to children. I think we can all agree we want to see more of that, and the different cultures within our world, we are all different and these movies for our children do not only have an amazing story plot but they are educational as well. I hope to see more of that! ☺

  37. I’m excited to see the Mexican culture be captured and brought to life by the amazing Pixar team! All the detail, foods, family love, color, and art. I cannot wait to see this with my children, sister, and her kids. ????????????

  38. Because family is everything! I have a fascination with ‘knowing my roots’ and spend a little time everyday building my family tree! I love tradition and my culture. Not only am I lucky to be Mexican, but also Puerto Rican. What a wonderful moment to have Disney recognize my Mexican culture! So beyond excited to watch this. It would be the best thing to win this; to enjoy a day with the family!

  39. Mi familia is sugar skull excited about watching Coco! It is one of my favorite Mexican traditions and I love that it has become more and more important here in the U.S. I love my culture and I’m raising my kiddos to have a passion for our roots! I love that they can get the best of both worlds. You know baseball y Futbol! Halloween y Día de los Muertos! Especially because of the meaning of Día de los Muertos! We have our ofrenda at home and we celebrate the life of our muertitos with fun stories about them and how we remember them, yummy Conchas, chocolatito and knowing they live forever in our hearts. My family in Mexico got to watch it over the weekend and they are super emocionados for us to watch it. My kids love this tradition so much that their costume for Halloween was Catrín with guitar & Catrina! And now my son says he is Miguel all the time! Can’t contain myself … the 22nd can’t be here fast enough!

  40. I am so excited to watch this movie with all my god Children, i have been teaching them all about Dia de Los Muertos and they couldn’t be any happier that they can finally watch a movie with the symbolism of the great Mexican Holiday. Ever since the first movie trailer i was hooked! thanks for the awesome review!!t made me even more excited to watch it!!

  41. Can’t wait to see Coco with my grandkids, all 3 are taking Spanish in school right now so we’re practicing a lot!

  42. Can’t wait to see Coco with my neice and nephews so they can learn more about there heritage and the culture! It looks like a great film so glad Disney Pixar are bringing this to the people so they can learn about Mexican culture and traditionals, it’s going to be a great movie!

  43. I can’t wait to see Coco because like you, my family did not celebrate Dia de Los Muertos during my childhood. And I didn’t begin to embrace it until my 2 daughters, teens at the time, introduced it to me. And now we all have introduced it to my 6-year old grandaughter, who is fully in tune with her ethnicity. So I would like to be able to have all 4 of us to attend Coco together ????

  44. Siiii por favor!!! My 5 yo grandson & i are so excited to see this movie!! He keeps asking how to say “dia de los muertos” ❤️

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