Coco is now showing in theaters!

The day is finally here – Coco is now showing in theaters across the country. It’s such a beautiful movie, I was at a screening (my second!) a few hours ago and everyone clapped and cheered at the end. I heard a few people sniffle too. This is a film that will feed your emotions in so many different ways. It’s that good.

My advice is to not try and predict anything, just let the story unravel, and keep your eyes peeled – there are lots of sights to take in. So many you may have to see the film more than once to catch them all.

In case you missed any of my posts on the film, here is a roundup of them, so far!

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And here is something else for you to enjoy – while on this press trip, we also learned about Chatbooks! It’s a platform where you can upload your Instagram photos (or any photos) and they will turn it into a book. Here are pictures of the one I made!

They currently have a 20% off sale, just use the code JOLLY at check out!

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