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Random pictures from my recent adventures!

I visited Los Angeles for the Coco press trip and was able to spend a day with Maya. Here we are in the  BuzzFeed parking lot!

I made a collection of metal stamped affirmation cuffs. I sold a few, but plan to list the others in my Etsy store soon!

I had some old flashing and in an attempt to recycle, I cut it into pieces and made necklaces! I painted then added resin on top and soldered the edges.

LOVE how they turned out!

I painted a tribe of angels, these have all flown away to their forever homes, but I’m making more this week! 

Here is a recent picture of our retail store. It’s still coming together, but in the meantime, it’s very busy. It’s been a challenge to keep up making merchandise for my Etsy shop, plus the retail store. I’m like an elf on lots of caffeine, working like crazy to make cool items!

We had a vendor space at Phx Flea this weekend, here are a few items we sold. They are all sold out though, it was such a busy day!

I made a batch of purses in September and didn’t have time to take pictures until people bought them! 

This lady put her doggie up on our table, lol!

I’ve made and sold like, a gazillion of these! 

Matchbox magnets!

The inside of a mosaic box.

I bought a table from my friend Jen and then painted it! I’ll get a tutorial up soon!

Vending at St. Mary’s church for Day of the Dead!

This picture looks so freaky, like a double exposure! This was when I was at BuzzFeed, these are Maya’s co-workers from Pero Like! They are so sweet and super fun to hang out with!

I’m in love with the cactus plates. I sold these, but am making more. I KNOW, I ALWAYS SAY THAT!

Okay, I’m getting back to work! This season has come so fast, I’m trying to slow down to be able to enjoy it. Starting this week, I’ll be at Mucho Mas Art Studio Wednesdays-Saturdays from 11-4. I want to be that magical shopkeeper lady who winks at people! You know, like the ones on the Hallmark Channel!

Coco is now showing in theaters!

How One Little Boy Helped Make Coco a Box Office Success #PixarCocoEvent


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