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Frida Inspired Paper Doll Ornament + Free Printable

I just made a batch of these Frida inspired paper doll ornaments for my purple Christmas tree and thought I’d post it as a tutorial! Free printable and everything! We’ve been decorating our retail store and I’ve been making a variety of ornaments. These are my favorite!

Here is a link to a free PDF printable you can use to make ornaments for your personal use: frida-dollSingle1 

You can print it out on heavy cardstock, cut around the shape and use it as the base for your ornament!

I used the drawing I made of Frida and printed it on white cardstock, then my Crafty Chica papers with a Sizzix die – here is the link to the die! (affiliate)

See my video tutorial below!

I glued on washi tape, gems, feathers and each one came out with her own personality! Once it was all decorated, I cut a piece of twine and hot glued it to the back.

More ideas

If you want you can decorate the back as well, I didn’t. But I might in the future! You could also use glittered cardstock for her dress, and add tiny flowers on her head. So many ideas! And here they are! I made five of them!

This is the die I used! Related: Piñata makeover inspired by Frida Kahlo (Just Don’t Hit It!)

Thanks for reading!

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  1. I really love this ornament and as I print out Frida she is really big. By the time I add a dress shes gonna be too big for an ornament for my little 4ft tree. Maybe Ill just have to make a wreath out of her.


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