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2 Ways to Make Edible Glittered Conchas

Edible glittered pan dulce and conchas

Yes, you read that correctly. I’m showing how to make edible glittered conchas and pan dulce, for reals! I have TWO versions for you using two types of edible glitter, but first, let me show you my inspiration. 

My motivation came from these glittered cappuccinos as seen in a coffeehouse in India. As much as I love glitter, I felt intrigued to learn more, but not gulp this down.

But then I thought – how fun would a bit of edible sparkle be on a concha? Or empanada? Turns out, it is pretty dang awesome. These photos do not do these justice.

Edible glittered pan dulce

Two ways to make glittered pan dulce

The first method I had help from my awesome amiga, Meagan Mora of I messaged her with the idea and because I was short on time due to making holiday orders from my Etsy shop – I asked her to give it a try to see if it would work. Within a day, she turned it out in the most glamorous way! She used some microfine edible glitter called Galaxy Dust and Lustre Dust.


DISCLAIMER: Since first posting this, we found out there is a lot of controversy about these brands of edible glitter. ABC Cake Decorating in Phoenix assured us they were fine to eat in moderation, but some people online say otherwise. So I will leave it up to each of you and your personal choice to decide if you want to use and eat it! 

Only use pinches because a little bit goes a long way. Now that cappuccino drink in the viral video – that’s a lot of edible glitter to down, this is not like that at all. A PINCH.

Lustre Dust (opaque shimmery powder) and Galaxy Dust (edible glitter) are what we used – and a little goes a long way. There is also Pearl Dust that you can buy at the craft store in the cake decorating aisle. You simply mix a bit with some vanilla extract (or vodka) and brush it over the top areas of the pastry. Edible glittered pan dulce processYou could also do this to mini-conchas, or go with your own ideas!Edible glittered conchas.

Beautiful, right?

BUT if you read or seen the edible glitter debates online and what to try an alternative, here you go! My friend Candy Ramirez from Candy Queen Bee Baker, reminded me about Bakery Bling. It’s the newest edible bling in the industry and has rave reviews because it is 100% sugar.

Second method

Alright, I ordered several colors from Bakery Bling (affiliate link) and it arrived in two days. I had a blast glittering churros and conchas! This glitter is a bit chunkier because it is sugar, and it has little metallic edible shapes mixed in. It’s super pretty. Overall, this is good for people who don’t want the microfine version. Bakery Bling makes three lines of products of edible sparkle embellishment.

Edible glittered pan dulceI used vanilla extract as a bonding agent. But my friend Candy from Queen Bee Baker said to go with either edible glue or clear piping gel. Both can be found at cake decorating stores or even larger craft stores. Go that route because the vanilla extract flavor lingered on the pastries!

I love how the finer grade of gold looks on the churro!Edible glittered pan dulceSpeaking of golden churros – they even serve them at Disneyland! I found this on the Bakery Bling press page!

Okay, let’s talk about this.

These glittered pan dulce treats are edible but do you really want to scarf them down? Here are my thoughts:

  • You could make a wicked centerpiece for eye candy purposes at a dessert table, that will score you points from your guests.
  • The microfine glitter has no taste but is lightly grainy, and the sugar glitter tastes like…sugar.
  • It’s a fun project to try for a party, craft night, surprise, and more! 
    Edible glittered pastries

Here is my Facebook live where I demoed how to make them.


I’m using edible glitter on Mexican pastries and thought I’d go live to show you how it goes! I’m using Bakery Bling for the sparkle.

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Thanks for reading! Good luck glittering your conchas! Here are a few other inspirations for using edible glitter in your sweets this holiday season!

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