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How to Rock a Lavender Christmas Tree!

Lively Lavender Tree by Treetopia

When it comes to the holiday season, it’s so easy to fall into a routine of tradition. We often don’t even give our tree colors a second thought – we go with GREEN. Of course!

Why? Because that’s the way it is, right? This year I busted out and went with a Treetopia Christmas tree to display in Mucho Más Art Studio. Treetopia trees are rock stars this time of the year. Chances are if you see a colorful tree on a TV show, movie or in a magazine, it’s a Treetopia. From gold to rainbow, they know how to bring on the funky for the season!

Sitting inside our Phoenix store, I scrolled through page after page of gorgeous colors of trees on Treetopia’s site. I couldn’t decide. I wanted all of them, lol!


Can you say overstimulation? Finally, Curtis, the owner of the shop next to us, stepped in to help. His store, Galeana 39, has a new look every week because he goes in and moves all the displays around to give the place a new, fresh look for his customers. The guy knows how to shop wisely.

He peeked over my shoulder and pointed. “That one,” he said. “Lively Lavender.”


I took his advice, even though I’m hardly living in the “lavender” color wheel of life. Then I saw what Twinkie Chan did with her Lively Lavender tree and my excitement escalated! The tree arrived, we set it up, plugged it in and oohed and ahhed at its awesomeness!

We wanted it to reflect our Mexican heritage, but not have it look like a pinata exploded on top. “Mexi-Lux” was the vibe we wanted. Stylish, but still reflecting cultura. And the WOW factor! The prelit lights sure helped!

Treetopia, Crafty Chica's tree.
Our new Treetopia Lively Lavender tree. We thought we were done decorating, but we’re still adding more goodies to it!

Juicy red velvet poinsettias (we pulled them off the stems) were placed as the anchor ornaments. Then we strung multi-color pompom trim around the tree. From there we filled in with large painted tin ornaments I purchased on a visit to San Miguel de Allende. We placed the largest one at the top of the tree.

Our own handmade Phoenix-inspired cactus ornaments added a nice touch. We’re still adding to the tree every day!

The best part? Our tree is it is being seen by many people, rather than just in our living room. I love watching people enter and gasp in holiday delight. I don’t think I’ll ever sport a green tree again.


So how does one rock a lavender Christmas tree? Easy! Go with what makes you happy!

  • Toy collections
  • Small painted canvases
  • Stuffed animals
  • Mini photos
  • Pompoms
  • Giant gems and sequins
  • Tropical flowers
  • Art supplies
  • Mini chalkboard signs
  • Jewelry
  • Go monochromatic or mix up the colors like crazy!

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Have you ever gone with a non-traditional tree? Please share the details!

And thank you so much to Treetopia for this wonderful opportunity. We love our tree so much! Don’t forget to check out their website and Instagram to see all the other people using their trees! Look for the hashtag #Treetopia


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