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Hire me as a speaker or storyteller!

When I’m not crafting or writing, I have on my business hat. Many times I juggle all three. A trifecta of life lessons! As well as putting my emotions on display for the world to see!

And the sum of it all makes for some pretty fabulous stories to share! That’s where my love of the microphone comes in. I’m a horrible singer. I’m very self-conscience in front of large crowds. But I can rock a presentation! My enthusiasm overrides all my internal fears. I get on stage and I love to share the “aha”  takeaways from all the crazy, wonderful, exciting, sometimes even heartbreaking experiences of running my business.

Speaking and storytelling have become two big slices of my career. I adore both as much as my glitter and glue. One presentation is semi-scripted and polished while the other is raw vulnerability – unpacked before a live audience!

I wouldn’t have it any other way!

I would love to speak or tell a story at one of your events. Whether its a conference, summit, festival, or workshop, I’ll bring all the (imaginary) glitter I’ve got to make for a memorable event.

Interested? Check out my official speaker site HERE!

YouTube video

Click here if you can’t see my speaker reel above!

For Speaking Engagements, contact me here!  or email my Brand Manager Candy Olivares at [email protected]

I have twenty years experience as an entrepreneur, artist, freelance writer, newspaper reporter, syndicated columnist, author, product developer, branding expert, motivational speaker, social media maven, and best of all – as a working mom who found a way to make her artful dreams come true!

I am on a mission to pay it forward and help other men and women fulfill their dreams and reach their goals!

My workshops and seminars are fun, high energy, sessions. I use photos, samples, creativity exercises, insider tips and more! My goal is for everyone to leave the room with the feeling of excitement and empowerment to get going on their projects. I want them to go home and stay up all night to brainstorm! That is usually the feedback I hear after my lectures, workshops, and seminars!

I’m experienced with keynotes, panels, workshops, and seminars.


– How to Shine Online: How to market yourself, your work, and your brand – and get paid!

– How to Build an Empire With What You Have Right Now

– How to Get Your Dream Out of the Clouds and Put It into Action: How to pinpoint your end goal, create an action plan roadmap/timeline, and stay motivated to get there.

– Publishing, content creation, writing: How to get going on that book you know you are destined to write. Practical, specific steps to get there.

– Live storytelling: Personal essays brought to life!


“Kathy Cano- Murillo aka Crafty Chica, is a “positivity” thought leader. She teaches how to use creativity as a gateway to a better life. Sparkles are her muse. She captivates audiences of all ages with her infectious dose of goodness, positivity and fun!  She can turn anything dark into light by “ crafting it out”. She is a tornado of love, happiness, and confetti, ready to transform willing readers and listeners. She succeeded with this follower.”

– Nely Galan, Adelante

“I’ve been lucky enough to have Kathy speak at three of my events, and the audience has loved her every time. Kathy is a dream to work with — she’s a consummate professional, responsive to feedback, and unfailingly enthusiastic. She’s low maintenance and high performing. On stage, she’s warm but no-nonsense, candid but polished, optimistic but down-to-earth. Kathy’s work ethic, creative talent, and a sincere desire to help others reach their goals combine to make her a fantastic ambassador for WordPress as well as, I am sure many other brands.”

– Andrea Middleton, event coordinator, WordPress, WordCamp, Automattic.com

“Kathy Cano-Murillo is truly a gem! She has taught hands-on product training workshops as well as speaking engagements multiple times and always gets great feedback from our attendees. Not only does she share all of her experience but explains why it is important and applicable to your business. We will continue working with Kathy as long as she’s around!”

– Nidia Negron, Craft and Hobby Association

“We have had Kathy Cano-Murillo speak and keynote at BlogHer events since 2007…on subjects ranging from blogging to crafting to succeeding in the traditional book publishing world. Kathy brings a unique and ever-charming blend of inspiration, yet warm accessibility, that has made her a highlight of those programs.”

Elisa Camahort Page, BlogHer Co-Founder

A sampling of past 2017-18 engagements:

Midwest CraftCon, keynote
RISK Storyteller National Tour, storyteller
Color Me Mine Annual Summit, keynote
Arizona State University (teachers conference), keynote
Facebook Community Boost, panelist
Creativation, publishing, branding
We All Grow Storytellers, coaching storytellers
Hispanicize 2017 2018 – Marketing, blogging
Arizona Storytellers, The Arizona Republic
Disney Social Media Moms
HSN Live, On-camera spokesperson for HP
Craft & Hobby Trade Show: Creative roadmapping
We All Grow: Monetizing your Brand; Storytellers host
Hispanicize 2016: Book publishing, Short form video
BlogHer16: Book Publishing
Contemporary Ceramics Association: Snapchat 101
Biznique: Ceramajam marketing workshops for small business owners

2016 and earlier:
Disney Social Media Moms, Portland, OR
Collectivo, Latina Blogging Tips, Phoenix, AZ
Social Media Strategies, CCSA/Bisque Imports: New Jersey, Minneapolis, Kansas
Casa Latina Blogger Boot Camp, Miami
WordPress PressPublish Portland
WordPress PressPublish: Phoenix
We All Grow Summit (Dove Storytellers and branding)
Hispancize 2015: Branding; Monetizing Your Brand
Biznique: Ceramajam workshops for small business owners (NJ, MN, KS, NC)

WordPress WordCamp 2014
Blogalicious, San Antonio; speaking.
Casa Latina Home Expo, NYC; speaking.
Valle Del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute, 2013: Bringing la cultura into business
Hispancize 2012 and 2013 and 2014: Branding, journalism, blogging essentials, book publishing, DIY.
Craftcation 2013, How to Make Crafty Cash; Keynote speaker
Craft & Hobby Association Trade Show and Conference 2012, 2013: Art workshops, branding, social media.
Crafty and Hobby International Trade Show and Conference: Speaker, How To Make Great Web Videos, 2011
Scottsdale Society of Women Writers 2012: Keynote speaker.
Latino Book and Family Festival: Panelist for Author Book Promotion; Marketing Your Brand, 2010
Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center: Chica Lit author panel, 2010
The Creative Connection Event: Panelist for Women Entrepreneurs in the Creative Arts2010
Arizona Book Festival 2010, 2011, 2012: Speaker.
Hispanic Women’s Corporation, 2010, 2012: Moderator and panelist, Introduction to Social Networking, book publishing
Etsy Virtual Labs: Growing Your Brand, 2010

Make Workshop, Phoenix AZ: How to Take Your Art from Local to Global, 2009
Heard Museum: Women, Sex and the Arts, 2009
Scottsdale Center for the Arts: Guest docent for Radical Lace & Subversive Knitting Exhibit, Scottsdale, 2009
Art Unraveled: keynote speaker; Kamikaze PR, Phoenix, 2005-2009
National Association of Art Educators: Latino Lesson Plans for the Classroom, Minneapolis, 2009
Maker Faire: Kamikaze PR, Book Publishing/Licensing: San Francisco; Austin, 2007-2009
National Craft and Hobby Association: Hispanic Trending; Kamikaze PR; How to Rock Your Web Site; Future of Crafting, Anaheim, Chicago, Orlando, 2006-2009
Hispanic Women’s Conference: Chica Lit panel; Entrepreneurs, Phoenix, 2009
Valle del Sol, HLI program: Create an Empowerment Guardian, Phoenix, 2008
Salt River Project (for employees): Time Management for Creative People, Phoenix, 2008
Blog Her National Conference: Crafty Celebrities Panel, Chicago, 2007
New York Open Center: Empowerment Shrines & Goal Manifestation, New York Cit, 2007
Arizona Book Festival,: Craft book publishing, Phoenix, 2004-2007
Grand Canyon College (for students): Crafting Your Dreams, 2007
Phoenix College (for students): Crafting Your Dreams, 2007
Arizona Republic Newspapers in Education: Ideas for Using Newspapers in the Classroom, 2005-2007
Xaiver High School (students): How to Conduct an Interesting Interview , Phoenix, 2007
Nina de la Mujer, City of Phoenix: Empowerment Shrine Workshop, 2007
Northern Arizona University (for faculty): Crafting Your Dreams/Time Management, Flagstaff, 2006
Arizona State University West (for faculty): Crafting Your Dreams, Glendale, 2006
American Library Association: Book publishing/crafting/Q&A, Chicago, 2006
She’s Crafty Chicana Arts Panel: How to Brand and Promote Your Business, Los Angeles, 2006
Arizona Library Association: Keynote, Crafting Your Dreams, Phoenix, 2005
Chica Lit Writing Conference: Writer’s Shrine Workshop; Careers in Non-Fiction, Miami, 2006
National Association of Hispanic Journalists: Book publishing, New York City; Phoenix, 2004-2005






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