Stitched Felt Hearts

This is the perfect time to make stitched felt hearts for Valentine’s Day! Aren’t these so pretty? Our art collective, The Phoenix Fridas, made these colorful felt corazon pins as part of our demo booth at Creativation. People loved them! Debra Quartermain from Kunin Felt was kind enough to sponsor a day of our supplies and loaded us up with all these gorgeous colors!

 This project is soooo satisfying because it’s simple, and you’ll end up with great results. Very folk art-friendly…Great for a party craft or just to clear your mind.

I even made a video, but here are the directions too!


Felt sheets cut into quarters (Thank you to Kunin Felt for giving us this felt to use!)

Embroidery thread

Embroidery needle (I like the ones with the large eyes)



Thank you to my friend, Anita Mabante-Leach for the AMOR heart, she let me use it for this tutorial!


Load up two needles with contrasting colors of threads.

Choose your back and front for your heart.

Take one piece of the felt for the front of your heart and embroider whatever designs or a word you like. Tie off the end.

Line up both pieces of felt and use the scissors to cut out a heart shape, keeping the embroidered design in the center.

Use the blanket stitch all the way around, leave an opening to add the batting, then stitch it up.

Stitch on a pin back so you can wear it! Or you can sew a ribbon on the top and make it an ornament!

VARIATIONS: Use a whole sheet of the felt to make larger hearts. Embroider a message or names of your friend or loved one!

Here are Anita and Thania with me at our craft table at the show. We’re wearing Anita’s handmade headdresses!

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