Podcast #12: How to Make an Epic Vision Board!

This week’s Crafty Chica’s Tips for Creativepreneurs podcast is packed with brilliant vision board tips for the new year. My friend, Alexa from Swell Design joined me to talk about Vision Boards – and how to create one with purpose and intention. While discussing the topic, our conversation became somewhat of a brainstorming session which led to a several light bulb moments.

I’ll list the basic tips here, but I really encourage you to listen to the podcast episode to hear all the extra ideas that we came up!

First up: What is a Vision Board?

A Vision Board is a collage you create that displays what you want to manifest throughout the year. It’s as simple as taking a poster board, scissors, glue stick, and magazine pictures to create a visually appealing collage. Then you hang it up where you will see it every day.

How it works: There are several benefits. The first is it should help you keep your goals at the top of your mind in all you do. Secondly, if you believe in “putting the energy out there’ – it certainly triggers that as well. It also helps you physically identify what you want to bring into your life – and why.

If you live in the Phoenix area, I’m teaching a Vision Board workshop this Saturday, January 6th at 11 am. Here is the link to find more info.

In the meantime, here is our podcast (the tips are listed underneath)!

Tips to Make an Epic Vision Board

Kathy’s three tips: 

Access and embrace your current financial situation. No matter what stage you are at in life, in the red or in the black, add up everything you owe and write that number down. Accept it and know you have the power to chip away at it with or without a vision board. If you incorporate money or wealth into your vision board, recognize that you’ll be paying this amount off, or working at it. In the meantime, you can work on money making ideas to get the ball rolling. I know you are thinking – “Dang, Kathy. You are a buzzkill. Vision boards are about making our dreams come true!” Yes, that’s right. But the truth is, money will not fall out of the sky. And worrying about it will clog up your channels for your dreams and goals. The more self-aware you can be about where you stand financially, the more chances you have to attract and generate income to pay off that debt. Rather than let your money situation haunt, nag, and stress you out – take control be the boss of it. Then you can have room to breathe and work on other goals.

State three reasons why you are choosing the items to glue on that poster board. The power of a vision board is the intention you put behind it. It sets the wheels into motion. Rather than just randomly glue a bunch of items, have an internal conversation with yourself as to why you want/need these things. Sometimes you’ll find it is more than a material object! To go even deeper, you can have a vision board journal where you can document an action list to go with your board.

Have an end goal picture for when your spirit is shaky. Create an image in your mind of you on the beach, or you being promoted, or whatever it is you want. Think of it as an Instagram photo and caption you are pre-posting in your head. You know you will get there because you are taking the steps, but when you begin to doubt yourself, close your eyes and think of this image. Stay positive!

Alexa’s three tips:


Make sections in your vision board. She suggests home, family, career, and fun. Then you can create mini-collages to go under each topic. This way your board has a clear focus for each area in your life.

Choose 2-3 big things for each area. Be realistic knowing that it might be difficult to take on too make high-level goals. Again, be specific. She suggests making a five-year vision board that captures all of those BIG goals. That way you are not dismissing them, you are just allowing yourself more time and resources to make them happen.

Take pictures of each section of your vision board and use them in the specific places. You can use them as your desktop screensaver, or your smartphone wallpaper, or just tape them on your bathroom mirror.

You really have to hear the whole thing, there are some really great ideas. Alexa said it could be a good idea to write down your goals and then create emails to yourself and pre-schedule them to be sent throughout the year.

OMG!! Yes! I am so totally doing that! Love it!


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