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Fancy Candy Boxes!

These custom candy boxes are perfect all year round. Love is too big of a concept to only be celebrated one day of the year, right? You can make these boxes and use them every day as a ring dish, to hold jewelry or whatever doodads you collect. Maybe you add a nice note and use them for Random Acts of Kindness!

Okay, that’s my spin on posting this tutorial two days before Valentine’s Day. But really…better late than never!


You can have a blast knocking these out in an hour or so, and the results will be worth the last minute effort.

I used one large cereal box to make the additions – by that I mean, I cut up assorted shapes and glued them on top of the original box. Cracker boxes, even Girl Scout cookie boxes! 

Custom candy boxes

You can remove the candy and decorate the box, then put the candy back in. Or eat the candy and put another kind of gift inside the box. Whatever works best for your relationship, lol!

SUPPLIES for fancy candy boxes:

Dollar store candy boxes

Cereal or cracker boxes


Hot glue


Craft paint

Spray varnish


custom chocolate boxes


Cut the shapes to glue on the box. Use hot glue (or white craft glue) to affix the pieces.You can use large pieces of cardboard to glue behind the pieces to make them pop out.

Let dry. Base coat white. Add bright colors, then add accents. Let dry and add spray varnish.

Let it air out for a couple hours before using! If you don’t want to use spray varnish, you can use brush-on water-based varnish.

Custom Candy Boxes

Here’s my video to make these fun custom candy boxes!

Painted candy box

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