Giveaways: Coco Digital Download + Boost Mobile Phone!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day, but I think we should celebrate everything we love all year round. And today I have a treat for those of you who love Disney-Pixar’s Coco – and those of you who love awesome phones!

Scroll to the bottom of this post to see how to enter (it’s super easy, just leave a comment!)

First up, I’m giving away four digital download copies of Coco!

You saw from my past posts how much I loved the movie and I’m delighted to work with Disney-Pixar again to promote the COCO release on Blu-Ray (available in stores February 27) and digital download TODAY!

Moto e4Plus with Boost Mobile Unlimited Data, Talk & text (No Service Contract!)

This is an AMAZING opportunity for anyone who is in need (or want) for a top of the line phone. It is a top of the line Motorola device with a 5.5” HD touchscreen display and rocks a 5000mAh all-day battery. In addition, it is splash-proof with a camera that captures stunning photos, even in low light!

What a great way to show your love – with lots of pictures, calls, texts. Those little moments add up.

Boost Mobile offers super affordable plans ($35-50 a month ) for any singles out there, great for someone breaking away from mom or dad’s plan, etc. See here for more details.

TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling me which giveaway you are interested in and most importantly – what is your favorite memory of when someone showed you love. It can be romantic love, family love, even from a stranger!

Thank you for reading this and good luck on the giveaways!

I’ll draw the winners on Friday and send out prizes that day too!

Love & light,

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  1. I am interested in the Coco digital giveaway.- My favorite memory of someone showing me love is my son age 6. He tells me”Why do I love you so much?” I tell him I don’t know? He says, “First, because you’re beautiful. Next because you’re humble. Last because your kind. Clearly you can see why I love you so much!” It makes me feel special and also makes me laugh as I see he is using his 1st grade writing prompts.

  2. Hard to chose because my kids just switched to boost and have crappy phones so I know one of them can use a nice one. on the other hand my son is studying animation in college and this movie well he saw it like three times, even with his class and let me share he is not bilingual he never wanted to learn Spanish, I tried but he said no I don’t want to!!! even thought my mom is not very good with English, so not only did he LOVE the movie but it actually inspired him to want to learn the language (I was very happy) to the point that he learned the song “Recuerdame” in Spanish and sang it to my mom on Christmas it was a gift from both my sons, one on guitar and him on vocals, needless to say my mom cried like crazy, because her grandson learned a song in Spanish just for her. ok I think I just made the decision, I would love the movie for our family to enjoy at any time

  3. So, I went into this movie after LOVING ‘Book of Life’ and I was afraid it was going to be similar. I was SOOOO happy that it had a completely different story line than BoL. It was such an emotional movie. One lady in our audience was audibly crying and I could feel her pain of losing someone. Such a touching story.

  4. I’m interested in the digital download for Coco. I’m remember when my wife and I were sleeping when she woke up in the middle of the night reach over and gave me and tells me “I love you”

  5. I really like the Coco sweepstakes. Recently I have been having problems at work with some co-workers. I got invited to a trip, but after reporting the problem, I got un-invited to the trip. My friends at work found out the true reason on what happened. They then decided not to go on the trip also. They showed that they are true friends not just work friends. They are all my buds and they showed me love that day.

  6. I am interested in the digital download for Coco! My Mom showed me in so many ways she loved me, but in particular I remember having someone make a handmade huge Raggedy Ann doll for me when I was younger. My Mom passed away in October, but I still have that doll and always think of her each time I see it.

  7. I would like the digital download of Coco.

    My husband is not very spontaneous, but one afternoon after he came home from work, he yelled “Come on, get in the car.” He drove about 3 blocks from our house. Someone had planted a garden area with all sunflowers and they were all in bloom! We had never even noticed the plants before. He knew that I love sunflowers and didn’t want me to miss the sight!! I thought it was a very romantic gesture!

  8. Oh hard choice. The Boost phone though. This is going to be the year that my daughter starts her budget costuming channel and this would be a great choice for her to use for some of the things she has planned!

  9. Hello i’m interested in the digital download for Coco. I remember at a time when I disliked myself my husband whom I’ve been married everyday till this day he will tell me he loves me and calls me beautiful on his phone my contact name pops up as beautiful wife and till this day if I call him he will answer hello my beautiful wife gotta love that right

  10. We would love the digital download of Coco. We are a kinship foster placement for our grandson with various life limiting diagnoses and other special needs he is legally blind (with some vision) and hard of hearing. He is the true epitome of love! But the love that made my heart full was the second time we took him to the theater to see Coco … he was so engaged in grasping the colors he was able to see and with his hearing aids he picked up the music and was bobbing his head to the music! That was love!

  11. Loving the coco movie happy memories growing up with all my family members at grandmas house!
    The first love is my grandparents for sure

  12. Hi! I love your blog and fb. I would like to enter for Coco. It’s such a beautiful movie, I’ve always loved how meaningful dia de los muertos is and it was lovely how Disney Pixar captured the heart of family. My Valentine’s Day will be all about family. I’m not lucky enough to have romantic love but family is forever! It’ll be my parents, puppy and me. We’ll have dinner and watch a movie.

  13. The digital download of Coco. I actually haven’t seen it yet. For good reason though, I lost my father just around the time of it’s release and I have been very afraid of seeing it because I know I will sob. I already know I will be purchasing the DVD when it comes out no matter what, cause I was sooo excited for the movie prior to it’s release. As far as a time of someone showing me love, it absolutely has to be my Daddy. He was a very quiet man, hardworking and generous. He wasn’t one for proclamations of love, but always showed it in his actions. Little things, like checking out the tires on my car, rescuing me when I had car trouble any time of night. Slipping money into my hands just because and refusing to take it back. “For the kids” he’d say… Chasing down the Ice cream man for my children every time he could. Just being the best Daddy he could.

  14. Coco the download.Once when one of my grand daughters that lived with us,had gone to spend the night with my other grand daughter .She came home n ran to give me a big hug n kiss.She grabbed my face by the cheeks n said to me,You know Nana B why I love you so much?No mija why I answered? Nana! because you”re nice and
    FLUFFY! I think I had tears in my eyes from laughing so much.

  15. Buenos Dias I would like the digital download of Coco, my most memorable lovable moment was when my eldest granddaughter and I were spending time together. I asked her if ahe wanted to sing a song and she responded “Nana I want to sing You are my Sunshine”, we sang it together as she sat on my lap, it made me so happy to have these precious memories with her. Now each time we are together she asks me to sing with her our favorite song.

  16. I could really use a new phone! I am a very lucky person, I had Great Grandparents and Grandparents growing up. Even will all the cousins, they made me feel that I was the most important, special person in the whole world. Yes, I am sure we all felt that way! But the unconditional love they showed me has stayed with me all these years since they have passed. True love isn’t just one gesture, it is a deep embedded feeling that you KNOW! All my grandparents were a true gift of love!

  17. Coco digital download for me: Story time! Background info: I love art and so do my daughters. We live and breathe it. I also teach high school in the city that I grew up in (Santa Ana,CA). I have two daughters: 4 and 8 years old. We’re eating dinner and the 8 year old leaves to go to the restroom. A minute later, the 4 year old randomly asks, “Mom, what’s gonna happen to your art classroom when you die?? Who will teach your students how to draw and paint??” At this point, I am speechless and have no idea how to answer her question when my 8 year old walks in (as if that were her cue) and says very confidently, “I will, Mom. I’ll teach your class.” I cried and told them that I’d never thought about that and that it made me so proud to have them as daughters and to have them continue teaching what we love. ❤️

  18. I would love to win the Coco. My kids and I fell in love with the story line and characters. We celebrate those that are no longer with us and it was great to see how special they turned this movie into. My kids and I saw this movie 4 times. I told my son that we can’t give Disney all of our money. Any time my kids hear the Ernesto they automatically think of Coco. Love the songs that were in the movie poco loco and remember me. What a great family movie.

  19. My favorite memory of someone showing me love is the love our birth mother showed in choosing my husband and me to be our daughter’s forever family. Our daughter is four now. Not a day goes by that we aren’t reminded of the love our birth mother has for our family. We are forever grateful to her. (Coco).

  20. Coco! So I can watch it with my mama! One of my favorite memories of being shown love was the way my dog Lola would look at me when I would come home after being away on a trip. She was the best! And I know I’ll see her and all my loved ones again one day!

  21. Coco, for sure. I think my most recent memory is of today when a former student sent me a candy-gram saying how much she loves me. I also found a note from a former student who is in HS (I teach 4th) saying I was her favorite teacher in her elementary years.

  22. The phone – memory of love – A post card my father sent me shortly after I was born in 1945 – he was stationed at Fort Bliss Texas and I was a newborn in Los Angeles, Calif. I still have the post card.

  23. I would love to win the digital copy of Coco. Online the film. The story line is so captivating! This movie reminded me of my grandmother.

  24. I would really feel so grateful to win the Motoe4 phone. One of the most loving encounters that I will remember always is a woman I then referred to as my undercover angel. I was walking with a cane at the time after a misdiagnosis which led me to almost becoming paralyzed. I had to have emergency surgery as a result of getting Cauda Equina Syndrome. On this particular day I was in a lot of physical pain walking to my doctors appointment that was a few blocks away from where I lived. I was feeling particularly unmotivated losing my belief in myself & my spirituality the anchor of hope in my life that kept me going. As I was walking having endless thoughts about what I was feeling I heard a woman say hello with the kindest smile. She had a black beanie with colorful red hair but I didn’t realize that she herself had a handicap tag in her car, black casts on… She shared “I know how it feels. I almost lost my faith this week. Just keep smiling & going ahead. She happily beeped the horn. The interesting thing was as I exited the doctor building I heard someone beeping their horn waving to me….it was the same woman smiling at me saying Remember what I said.. .waving happily. It was just the boost I needed. She reached out to me not realizing how significant her act of kindness . She restored hope that I thought was gone.

  25. Oh my gosh! I would love a copy of Coco! I haven’t seen it yet, as we are on a very tight budget taking care of our granddaughter. But I love all things Dia de los Muertos, and sugar skulls. Friends and family who have seen it have raved about it. My granddaughter will be 2 in April and loves my sugar skull collection. I cant wait to watch it with her! I think my favorite love moment was the first time she smiled at me, and the first time she said “I love you, Yaya!” My heart melted! ❤ Thank you for the opportunity! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  26. Happy Valentine’s Day! I’m interested in the Coco Giveaway! My youngest daughter was so taken in by the tradition of Dia De los Muerte, she came crying to me and asked me, ” if we could put out our pics and candles! She said, ” I dont want Big Grandma’s and Big Grandpa’s, to fade away and think we forgot them! Girl! I was in tears! We definitely, celebrated their memory and love! Thanks!

  27. Interested in the Coco download…as for showing love? I’d have to say my younger brother and his girlfriend were expecting their first child together. Don’t know my nephews expected date, but he was born on my birthday. My dad said to his newborn grandson “Thanks, now I can’t forget your Tia Delia’s birthday ever again!” Ha ha ha…now that’s love!

  28. Hola, Chica! I would love to win the digital download. My mama was sick in the hospital when the movie came out. By the time she was ready to leave, it was cold and snowy. She’s 91 so there was no way to safely get her to the theater. But while she was recuperating in the hospital, I took my iPad and we watched old Mexican movies together. She loved that. I showed her how to pause and resume the movie. Dr was impressed to see her with an iPad! Lol. Anyway, a download would be awesome to take to her house. She was disappointed to not be able to see the movie after hearing us talk about it. Coco reminded me of my grandmothers. I was sobbing by the end of the movie. Now for my love story: seeing my husband interact with our family almost every day. He takes us to movies; takes all of us out for special occasions; babysits; makes sure car maintenance is kept up on everyone’s vehicle; volunteers in lots of organizations and never asks for repayment or thanks. We celebrated 47 years of marriage February 1. ????

  29. I would love to win the digital copy of Coco- mostly so I can share it with my little nieces. I was very sick (twice!) in 2016 – with bad bouts of flu. My then 6 year old niece “took care” of me, bringing me water, calling to check on me to see if I was OK. Both girls (now 7 and 4) are always drawing me pictures or making me cards, call and visit often – they’re very loving and so sweet!

  30. Hello! I would absolutely love to win Coco! Not only because of the beauty and representation of the film but because it was the first movie I was able to take my 3 year old daughter to, and she loved it! The song “Remember Me” has also helped me cope with the recent loss of my dear grandmother. My family is my everything and I am reminded I am loved in so many little ways everyday. I am blessed and so very lucky to be so close to those I love.

  31. I am interested in Coco because I want to know more about my Mexican heritage. Also, my favorite memory is when my friend gave me a framed friendship photo of us on my birthday this past summer.

  32. Hi Kathy, I would be Blessed if I was selected as a winner of a copy of the Digital download of Coco! I was able to identify with this movie in many ways & made me realize that we need to Honor our Loved ones that have gone before us! Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

  33. ????????????Would love to download COCO! As a teacher, I am loved on a daily basis by all my students!

  34. Hi Kathy, please disregard my first comment, I left out some information . I would be Blessed if I was selected as a winner of a copy of the Digital download of Coco! I was able to identify with this movie in many ways as both my Momma & Daddy are in Heaven. I’ll always remember the Mom & me time we shared alone, espically our time crafting together. This movie made me realize that I need to do a better job of Honoring my Loved ones that have gone before me! Thank you and have a Blessed Day!

  35. Oh this would be awesome love the movie Coco, what a memmory of love I grew up in west phx in a residential neighborhood I was about 8 yrs old I told my dad I wanted a ???? cow. One day I came home from school I had a baby cow in my back yard , my dad taught me responsibility of caring for another life. I would have a schedule I had to go by to make sure my little cow grew up strong and loved. I was the only kid on the block who owned a cow. My dad taught me a lot how to read animals and love them.

  36. Yo quiero el download de Coco porque quisiera compartirlo con mi mama. La persona que me a demonstrado Amor recienmente es mi Hijo, Diego, de 13 años. It is rare that he demonstrates love in any way lately. He is in full teenager mode lately. He doesn’t want to be babied, hugged or kissed by me anymore, so when he said he wanted to make lasagna for dinner to give me a break, it warmed my heart in every possible way and made up for all the rechazos he’s been giving me.

  37. Such a fun contest! The BOOST phone would be awesome! I feel loved everyday! Truly, from my family, and my students. I am blessed!

  38. Would love to win Coco…..I saw it in the theater….it was such a wonderful movie….can’t wait to share it with my Grandkids… son showed me love when he spends weekends taking me places and out to special restaurants when I go to visit him

  39. I would love to when the copy of the Coco movie. Everyone in my family loves Coco! We were able to experience love first hand when we went to see this movie in Spanish. My daughter and I were very excited to be able to take my mom to enjoy such a beautiful movie in her native language. It’s was so nice to have three generations laughing, crying, and watching everyone around us embrace our culture. ????????

  40. I would L❤️VE a digital copy! I am truly blessed with a husband that takes such good care of me and our daughters. He loves his family so much!! ❤️

  41. I would love COCO, great story and makes me anxious to share and start new traditions with my young son. The best love moment I have is when my son was about a week old. I was holding him and every time I told him I lived him he smiled. I was so tired but that smile made it all go away

  42. I would love the Coco prize. My brother and I went to see it and it brought him to tears. He said he hadn’t cried in years . One of my favorite memories of being loved I was actually just around a year old, my great grandpa, Tata Petie. He followed me around as I began walking and protected me from my older cousin who would try and knock me down, we have old Super 8 film my dad took through a window of us in the yard and he hovered walking behind me protecting me .

  43. I am interested in Coco. One of the biggest demonstrations of love, and I mean universal love (not only romantic) was when I gave birth to my first baby and a co-worker would come and cook for me amd make enough to freeze leftovers. It was such a huge demonstration of love that now I try to do something similar with other mothers with newborns!

  44. Coco! A time when I felt overwhelmingly loved was when a friend brought a slew of Costco groceries and clothing items to our family when we unexpectantly got our first placements as foster parents. The placement would have been crazy, but manageable until the day after we received the kids the stomach flu hit. Having my friend bless us with groceries it took a complicated “how do we do this?!” to “the kids are throwing up, but at least we have taquitos to last a month!”

  45. I would like a copy of coco. My best memory of me being loved was when my wife told me that i was going to be a dad, for me thats the best way to feel loved

  46. I’d love a copy of Coco! One year my husband and kids decided to suprise me for our wedding anniversary. I came home to balloons and flowers every where and a “Happy Anniversary” banner printed from our brand new computer. My kids were so proud of their work! And the house smelled delicious! My husband had made me pozole from scratch! He had no idea had to make it but he figured it all out even if it took him all day! I didn’t have the heart to tell him that our anniversary was May 22nd, not March 22nd! That day just reminded me of why I married him. Because he’s a loving thoughtful husband and an awesome father! I didn’t tell him till later that night. We laughed so hard and still do till this day. March 22nd is pre-anniversary day!

  47. I would be so grateful to win a copy OF COCO. Coco will forever hold a special place in my heart. I had seen the movie when it came out. A couple of weeks after seeing it, i lost my nana. The movie reminds me so much of my nana……. especially the song “Remember me” that song brings tears to my eyes just thinking of her. Coco is a beautiful movie.

  48. Hi Crafty Chica, I am interested in the copy of Coco, a family favorite :-). My 9 year old daughter is a stroke survivor and an epilepsy warrior. She is non-verbal but I like to say that she is fluent in LOVE. She shows me every day, not with words but with the way she looks deep in my eyes or when her little hands gently pat me. Thank you for inspiring us with your art!

  49. I would like to enter the Coco giveaway!

    Just like in the movie when Miguel’s grandmother kept on feeding him tamales… that is how my nana showed love too! She always had a special treat to share… cookies, coricos, candied lemon peel… all the sweet treats I wish I had learned how to make before she passed away… for me, love lives in the kitchen and the food you make to nourish the special people in your life. ????

  50. Im interested in the coco giveaway. As for my family love it was with my grandpa. On one of his birthdays I had visited him in California. I thought it would a great idea to make him something since he’s been cooking for everyone else since I could remember. I wanted to surprise him in the morning so I stayed up until everyone went to bed to bake him blueberry pies. I wrote him a note telling him how much he inspires me and wished him the happiest birthday. He woke up in the morning so surprised of his gift. He made sure to tell everyone to keep their hands off the pies because they were his. Then a few days later before I left he gave me thus book of coins that belonged to his brother. It had all sorts of coins from all over like China, Spain, Amsterdam and many more. I don’t remember ever receiving any other gift from him so I knew this was special. I miss him dearly and I still have the coin book and will cherish it for the rest of my life because it reminds me of the most kind, caring and loving person I knew as my grandpa.

  51. I would like to enter the Coco giveaway. I think a favorite love memory happened my sophomore year in college, in the dining hall. A grad student who had been hanging around with my roommate and me looked into my eyes and quietly said I was beautiful. He was the first to ever say that and I think he meant it.

  52. Coco!
    My husband…too many stories to pick from. We’ve known each other for 25 years, married for almost 17, have two beautiful children..hes always supported me, he’s a great father and partner and above all my best friend! And he puts up with me!!

  53. Oh, Kathy! How fun that you get to share more Coco love ☺ I would be over the moon to win a copy so I can incorporate it into my dia de los muertos celebration every year. ❤

    And one of my favorite memories of being shown love:

    My team at work decorated my cube for my birthday and, knowing I’m a “words of affirmation” person, they cut out talk bubbles from colored paper, and invited my other coworkers & friends to write compliments on each one, then taped them all over my desk and walls. Such an uplifting, joyful gift!

  54. Coco is my choice. Loved this movie, brought me to tears..thinking of my parents who have passed on.
    My mom passed her love of seeing and crafting onto to me, and showed me unconditional love. My dad was my rock, my memory of his love for me was when he was unable to speak nor do for himself (I was his 24/7 caregiver). He was in his bed and I was talking to him, he took my hand, held it to his heart, looked into my eyes and at that moment I could feel love and gratitude my dad was showing me. Something I will never forget and still brings a tear to my eyes when I recall it.
    Thanking you in advance if I am chosen

  55. I love both giveaways! My phone is cracked right now and could definitely use a new one though!
    There are a lot of people in my life that show me love, but one that stands out is my oldest brother. He honored me by allowing me to teach my niece her Quinceanera dances. It was so beautiful. He also keeps in touch with me on a daily basis through Snapchat. I just love him so much. I love the bond that we have.

  56. Loved Coco! Loved when my dad would massage my swollen feet while I was pregnant. He’s been gone for 19 yrs now, miss him everyday.

  57. Coco! Family the one thing we can always count on. I have 51first cousins. Those were my friends growing up. This movie brought back some many memories of my childhood, growing up with my grandparents as well as my great grandparents. Our family is so large and spread out and yet so close. They were the first people to show me love, how to accept it and how to always give and show love in everything you do.

  58. I am a middle school Spanish teacher, so I would LOVE the Coco digital download! I receive love daily from my wonderful family, but on this post, I want to give a shout out to the love I feel from my awesome students co-workers, administrators, and the community of Ocean Springs, Mississippi!

  59. Coco! I love it Because it made me ugly cry from the very first note of mariachi music with the DISNEY castle in the first image! It made me so proud and grateful to belong to this wonderful, vibrant culture and to see myself and my loved ones reflected back. It started a wonderful conversation with my nephew and my parents about traditions and history we might not have otherwise had.

  60. Coco Giveaway!!!! My husband recently had a knee replacement and combined with some financial woes, he knew that I’ve been having a hard time keeping it all together. One day he asked our daughter to take him to Trader Joes while I was at work, so he could buy me an affordable bouquet of flowers, because he knew I would be upset that he was “wasting money” on flowers, something I have said in the past, But those were the most beautiful flowers I have ever received and his gesture meant so much to me.

  61. Coco giveaway. My 7-year old grandson writes me beautiful little notes and leaves them on my makeup table. Here are a couple of notes: “Good morning Nana”, “I love you forever” and “me & you forever”. I will try to make this a short story. We are not related by blood, his mother and my son began dating when he was only 3 months old, and dated for 3 years. Unfortunately it didn’t work out for them as a couple but this is the only father my grandson knows. As he has never had contact with his biological. Although, my son and my grandson’s mother are no longer together they share 50/50 physical custody. There is no court order, or anything legal, and they share the costs of raising him. We all as adults have decided to put his well being first, above everything. My precious boy doesn’t know this, all he knows is that his Daddy, Nana, Papa, Nina & Nino, cousins and extended family love and adore him. Every child should be so lucky, right? My husband and I took our grandson to see Coco, and we all loved it. Our grandson lost a 10-year old cousin last year to an illness, and now he is so excited to build our alter and place little Noel’s photo on it. 2018 will be our first time making an altar. Perfect way to create more family traditions.

  62. I am interested in the Coco giveaway. My Aunt showed me what love meant when she took care of my Uncle when he had liver cancer. She did a fantastic job of putting his needs before hers.

  63. Hi Crafty Chica- I’d like to be entered in the digital download contest. My hubby is the person who shows me how much he loves me. He is the most unselfish person I know. He works hard and always puts my daughter and myself before his needs. Now THAT is true love.

  64. I’d love to win the Coco download! We love everything Dia de Los Muertos, fell in love with it when we traveled to Mexico City! Good luck to you all! Bendiciones

  65. I would live the Boost. My mom lives in Texas, I live in Colorado and trying to reach her is impossible with the crappy service she has. A nice phone service would do her justice. My deserves so much. She is a very caring, loving person and today for Valentines she spent her morning going to a nursing home to give each and every senior a stuffed bear. It was so special.

  66. I am interested in Coco. When my cousin picked me up from the hospital and paid my bill after i broke my ankle at college. My family was back in Houston while i was in Dallas.

  67. Hi Kathy! I would love to see Coco. I had the most amazing experience in December when my cousin had surgery for lung cancer. Everything went wrong after about 10 days and they rushed her to Intensive Care and told us to call a priest. We were so sure she was going to die. I was in the Elevator in the hospital when a small Indian man got in the elevator with me. He looked at me and said, “You look like it’s been one of those days.” I was literally just thinking that about him, so I was shocked that he said what was on my mind. I confirmed and he told me that all would be ok. He said that 99% of what we doubt never comes true and I should really believe that all would be good. He then said everything will end up being ok. I went out and told my family that I thought I just had an experience with an angel and they said they believed it. 2 weeks later my cousin came out of her coma and slowly has recovered. She gets to come home from her rehab facility tomorrow and is going to make it! That man’s kind words to me that day completely changed my attitude and helped me believe, even when things seemed so dire!

    Thanks Kathy and have a blessed day!

  68. Coco giveaway! I have so many memories, but just yesterday I gave all my kids a little valentines day treat. When my oldest got home from school he came in with a bottle of coke and candy bar (my weakness) and said happy valentines day mom. Ahhhh I always tell them that the little things matter and those things make me happy, not material things. For him to go out of his away and just get his little ole mom something made my heart smile. Kindness is love!! 🙂

  69. I would love to have Coco to watch with my grand kids….it may give them a better understanding of their grandma.

  70. I would LOVE the Coco Movie!
    I come from 5 sibilings who have a beautiful Mother names Socorro… Her nickname is “CoCo” which not sure if our Dad started or 9 grandchildren did. my beautiful Mama has NOT seen the movie due to her starting dialysis around the time it was released. It would be wonderful to show it at home for her!!!!!????❤????????

  71. I would love a copy of Coco.
    I love spending time with my kids. Just sitting on the floor and playing with them means so much more than any present or anything else money can buy

  72. I love love love love….. Coco! I’m definitely interested in the digital download! My Daughter and I love El Dia De Los Muertos! Not only is it beautiful but it’s our culture!

  73. ❤️I would LOVE the Coco digital copy! My favorite love memory was when I had suffered a trauma, my family came together. It was a “miracle” of what I went thru & still alive. All my family, their support & blessings is why my daughter gets to still have her mom in her life!❤️

  74. We didnt see the movie but really wanted. I dont know who wanted to see it more…my 2 sons or me. I would love to have a digital copy. I love spending time with my kids.

  75. I am interested in movie giveaways. I like to add to my collection.
    One time, I was in Idaho and I really liked how the tap water tasted. I left a few days before my boyfriend. When he came home, he brought me a bottle of tap water. I thought it was SO sweet.

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