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Podcast #14: Designer or Artist, what is the difference?

I have a new podcast episode up – Designer or artist? What’s the difference? This is an important topic if you make a living from your creativity skills. Many people think there is only one path – selling direct to consumer via online stores, pop up shops or festivals.

The truth is, if you can really refine your business strategy, you can incorporate craft or product design into your list of services.

Here’s my list of creative services as an artist and a designer:
Craft project design for web
Craft design for magazines and books
Craft design for TV, video, live stream
Teaching art and craft workshops
Product design for craft products
Product design for finished goods
Custom artwork
Original art for sale


Imagine having all the angles to work with! Who knew there were so many opportunities in the creatives arts industry? Thee are! In this podcast, I talk about the differences between being an artist and a designer and how it relates to the above.

As an artist – you are free to create whatever you want, no conditions or boundaries. No rules, no deadlines. There is no guarantee your work will sell, but that’s fine. True art isn’t about making money, it’s about relaying a message and expressing yourself, right? Yes, there is being an artist for hire or custom work, but that still centers around your own unique style.

But as a designer, say for a product line, craft tutorials, patterns, kits, or finished goods for manufacturing, it’s a different story. You have to consider your consumer market, the brand you are designing for, trending, all of that. It’s a way to take your skills to a new level and to a wider audience. There are deadlines, contracts and royalty negotiations, etc, but it’s worth it!

I love doing both in my business. It gives me flexibility with my creativity and forces me to learn new techniques, styles, and themes, without losing who I am as a creative.

I hope you like this episode! Let me know if there is more you want to hear on this topic, or if you have any questions. Leave them in the comments! And please, subscribe!

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