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Crafty Chica Art Retreat 2018: San Miguel de Allende!

I’m so happy I’m finally posting this! Here is the info for my 2018 Crafty Chica art retreat! I chose San Miguel de Allende because it’s my favorite city EVER. I’ve been once, and I knew I wanted to return, and I thought – why not make it a group experience?

Check out my post from my visit!

First – we have nine spots left. I meant to share this sooner, but better late than never! This trip is five days and includes a stay at a beautiful ginormous retreat that overlooks the beautiful city. You can see the image below that shows the daily activities. We’ll be doing lots of eating, crafting, sightseeing, and shopping!

I chose the first week in December because that is the time I went and it’s pretty mindblowing. There is a giant tree in the center of the city, plus twinkling lights strung between all the buildings. We’re going to do a lot of shopping, we’ll visit the artist alleys where you can see beautiful art pieces being made right in front of you – and you can buy them direct from the makers!

How it came to be!

I set it up with my friend Rose from Dulce Travel. I actually bumped into her when I was on my trip there, she was there to buy merchandise for her then shop she had in San Jose. We tagged along as she shopped and OMG. I bought the coolest items, EVER.

Time passed and I found out she now has a travel business. I asked if she would lead our group and take us to all her favorite places. And here we are!


There are two options – one is all inclusive (you just book your own airfare), and the other is for workshops only. The latter is if you want to book your own place to stay, meals, etc.

I’ll be teaching a couple workshops, but I made sure to also include two by local SM artists!

Here is where you can hold your spot.

From Rose:

Recently voted the best city in the world by Travel and Leisure, Magazine. San Miguel de Allende’s stunning architecture, memorable pops of color and charm make it a great spot for art lovers looking to experience a city they will never forget. Simply walking down the streets of this town and enjoying the old-world cobblestone feel paired with the vibrant colors is a culture lover’s favorite.

Video link

YouTube video

San Miguel de Allende was also listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, In order to be classified on this exclusive list, the town must have significance to the world, whether that be a cultural, scientific or historical significance.

The ART RETREAT will consist of daily workshops hosted by Crafty Chica, and local artisans. The all-inclusive ART RETREAT includes accommodations in a private home, Casa Alta Vista, all meals, highlighting the flavors of the region, and finally what San Miguel de Allende is best known for; lots and lots of art galleries, quality shopping, fine folk art, jewelry, and women’s wear.

Join us and experience this one of a kind cultural awakening, and fall in love with la cultura Mexicana again and celebrate the artist in you!

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