How to Use Flashing to Make Jewelry!

How to make jewelry from flashing, by CraftyChica.

Have you ever thought of using flashing to make jewelry? I have a bunch of sheets I bought at the hardware store and am always looking for creative ways to use them. I recently took one of the sheets and used large tin snips and cut up a bunch of squares.

Hello, pendants! I painted them, then soldered them with my Bernzomatic ST500: 3 in 1 Micro Torch for my monthly Bernzomatic Torchbearer project! 

Flashing is a thin metal sheet used to prevent/block water from penetrating another surface. It’s a little thick, but still able to be cut with tin snips or heavy duty scissors. You can also bend it to use for sculptures, or just use as a magnet display holder. So many possibilities!

Supplies to make flashing jewelry

Bernzomatic ST500: 3 in 1 Micro Torch

Bernzomatic Lead-Free Solder Wire & Flux

Copper tape, burnishing tool

1 sheet of flashing, 5×7” in size will do!

Tin snips



Craft paint, brushes

2-part resin, mixing supplies

Handheld rotary tool

Jump rings

Chain, jewelry findings

Needle nose pliers


Cut your pieces and then use paint and fine liner brushes to paint on a design. Let dry! 

Add copper tape around al the edges, then use the burnishing tool to seal the edges to flush with the flashing. Do this on the front and back. Use a small brush to apply an even coat of flux to the copper tape.

Once all your pieces are trimmed in copper tape, then it’s time to solder!

Follow the manufacturer directions on the package. You need to wear gloves and goggles for safety. Then make sure your tool is filled with butane. Press down on the lever to ignite the torch, and then press the safety latch for a continuous flame. You won’t be able to see the flame because it’s inside the casing, but there is a vent hole. Make sure it’s pointed away from you because smoke will come out of there.

Hold the solder wire in one hand and the tool in the other. Touch the tool to the wire until it melts, then let it drop n the copper tape and drag it across the tape for a smooth look. You can use clips if it helps with positioning.

Apply a second coat of solder so it creates a bezel out of the flashing.

Adding the resin!

Mix the 2-part resin according to the package directions. What I do is line my work area with wax paper, then use a small plastic cup to pour equal parts of the resin. Use a wood stick to fold the mixture for about a minute. Don’t whip it, it will create a lot of bubbles that will be difficult to remove!

Let the resin set for about 10 minutes until it’s super thick. Then apply resin in small drops until it fills the pendant area.

Let your pendants set flat on the wax paper overnight (for about eight hours). This is so the resin will cure.

Assemble your pieces! Use the rotary tool, chain, cording, charms, and jump rings to create all kinds of combos!

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I hope this project inspires you to try a Bernzomatic ST500: 3 in 1 Micro Torch, it comes in handy for so many projects. From food to crafts to repairs. We now have three of them in the house!Torch Bearer LogoFrom the Bernzomatic site:“Find Your Fire. There’s a fire in each of us. Waiting to ignite. We believe in carrying the torch ignited by our founder in 1876—whose quality craftsmanship and progressive mindset are what blazed the trail that got us here today. We believe in awakening the innovators in all of us—inspiring a culture of creators who can break boundaries, mark new territory and go where no flame has burned before. We believe in empowering those who’ve found their flame and dare to follow it. Because the ones who do are the catalysts of bold transformations that redefine the limits of what we can achieve.   We believe in our fire and in your fire. It’s time to ignite.”Thanks so much for checking out my project!

This post is part of a sponsored campaign with Bernzomatic. All ideas, opinions, and the excitement to work with this new art genre are 100% my own.

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  1. These look so fabulous. I’ve been wanting to make soldering pieces for over a year now. I want to use the clear micro chips they use for magnifying glasses. My plan is to make the center piece for rosaries. I just need to “do it”. You have always inspired me. Thanks so much. Christine


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