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Frame Toppers Using Glittered Cardstock Embellishments

I’m one of those crafters who like to make and stockpile things. These glittered cardstock embellishments are a perfect example. I tried out the Fiskar “thick” punches (here’s an affiliate link to the ones I used!) and kinda went crazy punching up all my glittered cardstock.

I mean, all of it, literally.

Fiskars thick punches

This is what started it, I used this punch first to make a bunch of circles.

Then I went on to some others. What hooked me is that you can’t use glittered cardstock in regular punches, they’ll break. These even cut through the sequin cardstock.

Then I put all these glittered cardstock embellishments in little baggies. I used a few of them to liven up some boring picture frames I had in my craft room. I glued some together like a wreath and then cut it in half and glued it at the top of the frame.

Like this! And then I added some other pieces as well.

Here’s what it looks like glued to the frame. Much better!

What I love about these glittered cardstock embellishments is you can use them for cards or shrines, gift tags, anything where you want a pop of sparkle. And the idea of cutting them in advance makes it much easier!

Thanks for reading!

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