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Want a Custom Lego House?

Lego home by Shari Austrian

Shari Austrian, a 39-year-old artist, and uber-crafty mom created an online Etsy store called Little Brick Lane to complete any homeowners dream of owning a Lego replica of their own house (check out the picture above!). Austrian and her family were building a house in Rye Brook, New York when she suddenly rediscovered her love and talent for miniature architecture.

Her own house was the very first that she built out of Legos. It took 30,000 Lego pieces to replicate her 3,400-square-foot home. When her model was complete, her children and her family were in awe. Her family then started asking for replicas of their own homes, and this then sparked the idea for her new business.

Austrian’s business is called “Little Brick Lane,” and she uses photographs and architectural plans that her customers provide to build their tiny masterpieces. Not only does Shari build the outside of the house, she will fill the abode with tiny replicas of the furniture if the customers are willing to pay more. Exteriors cost around 75 cents per square foot, while dollhouse-style interiors will cost around $1.25 a square foot.

Austrian says that working with Legos makes it relatively easy to accommodate different architectural designs. Although she is able to get almost every necessary piece that she needs form her two main Lego suppliers, there are still product limitations.

For example, she says, “Lego sloped bricks do not often align with commonly used roof pitches, and Lego offers few plant variations that represent typical landscaping.” The resale value of a home can increase by 14% when landscaping is done, but unfortunately that effect will be difficult to replicate for Austrian’s new project.

Even so, Austrian says she likes the challenge and craft required to build Lego homes. A single replica home can take between eight to 10 weeks to complete. Austrian explains that her process starts with analysis and processing during the first two week. She wants to figure out what she needs to build, and then order the pieces. Many people see this as just simply play and not beauty, but Austrian begs to differ.

So far no sales on her Etsy store (prices range from $1500-2500.), but she sure has a lot of admirers and respect for her work!

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