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Loteria Bullet Journal DIY

I am all about the list. I make them for everything! This Loteria Bullet Journal DIY came about because I know I’m not the only one. And I recently had to make some blank journals for an event and thought it would be great to whip some up for me too!

A bullet journal is a cross between a diary and a to-do list. It’s a simple, yet creative, way to get organized and be productive. I have a video at the bottom of this post to help you if you are a newbie! And here is a website that tells about it as well.

You can choose to adapt it to however it works best for you!

I have so many smart ideas of how you can use these. In addition to your regular tasks, why not have one for each personal goal in your life? You can use Loteria cards as the theme, or use your own pictures. 

SUPPLIES for your Loteria Bullet Journal DIY:

I went on Amazon and researched for blank journals. Here’s what I found – a LOT of choices!

If you’d rather MAKE your journals, I have a tutorial for that, just simplify it!

A Loteria game, you’ll use the caller’s deck

Glittered cardstock

Brights cardstock

Super strong WET glue – This Tombow Mono Multi Liquid is my fave

Super strong DRY glue – This Aleene’s Line Roll is my fave

Decorative-edged scissors

Paper cutter


Cut the glittered cardstock to cover the length of the journal, but leave some of the kraft paper edges showing. It adds a nice contrast.

Cut the brights cardstock into pieces that will serve as a nice backing to the Loteria cards.

Lastly, trim the Loteria cards.

You want these embellishments to stay put through all your creative outbursts, right? And this glittered cardstock is pretty heavy duty. Therefore, I suggest using TWO adhesives. I used the wet glue in the middle area of the cardstock, and the line roll on each edge. I found the line roll is way stronger than a glue runner.

Next, use a tape runner or the line roll to add the Loteria card to the backing cardstock, the brights.

Loteria Bullet journals DIY

Next, glue it to the front of the book. Make sure to use the line roll so it is super strong. The glittered cardstock is so textured, you’ll need a strong adhesive.

Have fun decorating a lot of them in different colors and papers!

Loteria Bullet Journals DIY

And as promised, here is a video I found that shows how to get started using a bullet journal!

YouTube video

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