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DIY Concha Shoes! The most fashionable project ever!

These DIY concha shoes are dedicated to my daughter Maya! She started a new series on Pero Like called Pocha Concha – so I made these shoes for her to celebrate! They didn’t take too long. The hardest part was nailing down the look, so practice before you work on the actual shoe.

YouTube video

YouTube video

Before I go on to the tutorial, you gotta see the next video she did – she learned Spanish!

Maya’s birthday was in March, so I made these as a surprise for her, she loved them. Here’s the process!

DIY Concha Shoes tutorial!

Basically, you need some flats, fabric paint, puffy paint and fabric (polyester) glitter! Here’s my video!

Tip for the puffy paint – make sure to leave the cap on and then tap it upside down to get all the air bubbles out so it won’t burp while you are squeezing out the color.

YouTube video

TIP: Use a photo for reference, it will help a lot as you’re painting. I LOVE the National Concha Day Instagram page – check it out for lots of inspo, plus sign the petition too!


If you mess up, use a damp paper towel to wipe away your error, then try again. I used a chopstick to clean up around the paint. The puffy paint is awesome because it gives that “lift” we love!

Add the glitter while the paint is still wet, then let dry for several hours. You can even write on the back, like I did (you can see in the video)!

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