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Painted Tin Cans

Disclosure: This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Kroger and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own.

I’ve been wanting to make these painted tin cans for a while, and finally came across the person reason to do it! Kroger Co has been hosting events all over the country and chose Phoenix as a stop. We had the event at El Chorro, where the chef made an array of fabulous dishes using recipes from LetsEatBreakfast.com and MyBeverageShop.com

Kroger Brunch
Photo credit: Perla Farias
Just a sampling of what we experienced!

Here in Phoenix, our Kroger store is Fry’s Foods, my longtime family fave. It was really exciting because not only did I participate, I help plan the big day!

We had ten local influencers, and my job was to create an Instagram worthy tablescape for them to use for all their photos.

Photo by Perla Farias.

That’s where the painted (and decorated) tin cans come in!


Welcome to your new artful addiction. Cans are everywhere, it’s a way to recycle and it can in any direction – the options are endless. Because of all these factors, this project makes for a great kid or group craft.

What I really love is it’s functional. Whether you choose to paint, cover it in fabric, mosaic or decoupage, you can use the end product for your paint brushes, plants, flowers, paper flowers, gift baskets, etc.

Here’s a video I made to show how to get rolling…

YouTube video

Painted Tin Can Craft Supplies:

Cans (washed and dried). NOTE: The cans that are white inside are coated so they won’t rust.

Primer (gesso or spray paint)

Craft paint, brushes

Spray or brush on varnish

For fabric wrapped version – get some double stick tape.

painted can craft by Crafty Chica.


Remove the paper, use a nail file to smooth down any sharps edges inside the rim.

To paint, add a layer of gesso, let dry. Paint your base coat, let dry. Then go in and add your designs! You can look on Pinterest for inspiration!

Check out my Painted Tin Can Pinterest board here!

Here are pictures of my finished painted tin cans!

Tips for painted tin cans:

Use a variety of brushes, wider ones for bigger areas, and liner brushes for detail.

You can use black or with to outline.

If you want, you can use chalk to sketch out a design, or even transfer paper after your basecoat is set. Be careful though so you don’t mess up the paint!

Add glitter or sparkle varnish. you can even glue on gems or trim in rhinestones. That’s what I plan to do!

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We aren’t done yet, guys, I have another surprise! Crafting is done best with liquids we love – like coffee! After perusing the Let’s Eat Breakfast web site – and also MyBeverageShop.com, I came across this super easy recipe for Almond Spice Creamer!

I love this because it’s using the Simple Truth Organic line at Fry’s. You can find these in the produce area, even I didn’t work on this campaign, I would still purchase these because the prices were perfect. From Half & Half to 2% milk to almond milk – they have it! and if you can’t make it in the store, you can always order your groceries online. Super convenient!

Here’s my video from my Instagram stories showing how I whipped it up!

YouTube video

Happy crafting and coffee drinking! 🙂

Painted tin cans by Crafty Chica, photo by Perla Farias .
Photo by: Perla Farias

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