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REVIEW: ColoriQue on Metal

Colorique One thing I love about attending the annual craft convention is checking out all the new products! That’s how I found out about ColoriQue. It’s a new paint developed by artist Lisa Marie Jimenez and manufactured by ClearSnap.

I watched Lisa demo it at the show (Creativation) and after seeing me ooh and ahhh, she offered to have ClearSnap send me samples. I decided to give them a try on some large metal charms I had that I wanted to make into keychains.

Mucho colors to choose from

ColoriQue comes in 14 hues, all blendable, then permanently dries! It’s cool that Lisa came up with a nice selection of shades, my favorites are the red, orange, pink and lime green!

Each comes in a small bottle that you have to shake up before using. I just squirted out dots and that was more than enough for my keychains. The idea is to paint it on, let it dry (or use a heat gun), and then wipe or sand off the top color to leave the metal showing through.

You can see above the difference in color! It really transforms the piece! Now it looks like a pop art Virgin of Guadalupe! ColoriQue also comes with a clear sealer which gives the look of resin!

Next time I’ll add more layers of color and then sand. I bet that would look pretty!

Here’s how my pieces turned out! The above photo is without the sealer. And the one below has the sealer.

Even though you can use Colorique on all kinds of surfaces, I’m saving it for my metal items! The formula makes the surfaces come alive in the brightest way possible and I love that!

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Thanks for reading, and thank you to  ClearSnaop for sending me these wonderful samples! You can buy Colorique in select craft stores or here on Amazon (affiliate link).

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