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Make a Beautiful Gutter Garden

Let’s make a gutter garden! First of all – in order to have a beautiful-looking home with properly functioning gutters, gutter cleaning should be done at least once or twice a year. But you can use your gutters for much more than simply keeping your roof clean and rainwater off your front porch.

By simply performing a few DIY projects, you can actually turn parts of your gutter into beautiful home gardens.

Here are all the materials you will need for achieving a beautiful home gutter garden:

  • The exact length of your gutter spouting, as well as the right and left end caps and brackets
  • Hacksaw
  • Drill and small drill bits
  • Screws for the brackets
  • Paintbrush and a stencil brush
  • Wood vice
  • Aluminum bar
  • Welding solvent
  • Handsaw
  • Masking tape and stencil card
  • Paint test pots

Additionally, here are the steps you should take in order to actually construct a nice gutter garden:

  1. Work out the length of your gutter — The first step should be to find the exact measurements that you’ll need for whatever size gutter garden you want to have. As soon as you find the areas where you need to cut, mark them, cut them, and tidy the edges by applying your welding solvent in order to attach the end caps.
  2. Start drilling — Next, drill a series of small drainage holes at each end. Then, apply two coats of the main color paint to the rest of the brackets.
  3. Start painting and stenciling — Find a great image and stencil it out on a card. Afterward, you can place the stencils into position and apply paint using a stencil brush and paint the rest of the gutter. Give it plenty of time to dry, as well.
  4. Hook the gutter garden wherever you want — You can put your new gutter garden wherever you want; in your home, the edge of a balcony, attached to the mailbox, or wherever else you want. Then, it’s time to start potting your beautiful plants.

You can even overcome the difficult challenge of planting a nice gutter garden at a rental property. Every year, approximately 43 million Americans move — but that shouldn’t mean you can’t improve the look of your current rental property. Since you probably can’t dig up a lot of grass and plant a traditional garden at a rental property, having some gutter garden boxes will give you that nice green look and increase the value of your yard.

Finally, if you’re ready to get going with your DIY project right away, here are some creative gutter garden styles you could choose from to really improve the look and feel of your home’s outdoor decor:

  • Tier Polka-Dot Hanging Gutter Planter
  • Natural bamboo gutter garden
  • Indoor kitchen herb gutter garden
  • Strawberry gutter garden
  • Affordable PVC gutter garden
  • Metal gutters on the side of a woodshed recycled into planters
  • Planter plugged in gutters
  • Gutter garden made from pallets
  • Lettuces and mixed green gutter garden
  • Colored layer gutter garden
  • Rustic vintage gutter recycled into a flower planter

You can also divert gutter water (after they have been thoroughly cleaned) so that plants and small gardens underneath your home can receive plenty of water following any amount of rainfall.

Don’t just look at your home’s gutters as a protective outline surrounding your roof. If you let your creative juices flow, you will be able to transform parts of your gutter into amazing-looking plant beds. It’s time to get to work and start having some fun with your home!

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