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Cruise tips for newbies

Tips for first time cruisers

Here are some cruise tips for newbies! Though summer is coming to an end, it’s not too late to book a family vacation for the fall or winter season, like a cruise. In fact, taking a cruise during the winter months is often cheaper than during other times of the year. That being said, if you’re taking a family cruise for the first time ever, you can’t just dive in unprepared.

There are several tips that can help you make sure your cruise is nothing but smooth sailing the entire way. Keep reading to inform yourself and prepare properly for the cruise of your dreams.

Leave for your port city a day early (if possible).

To add some extra adventure into your trip, why not visit your port city a day early and see some sights?
Americans say they spend an average of 87 minutes a day in their cars, but if your cruise’s port city isn’t too far away, it can add some excitement and convenience to drive to your port city a day early so you can relax and explore, knowing your cruise is waiting for you the next morning.

Make sure you choose a cruise line that has plenty of amenities for both children and adults.

If you’re planning on bringing the kids along, making sure there are kid-friendly amenities is ideal for everyone. Your kids will love spending their time participating in kid-friendly activities, and all the options help you as a parent to feel relaxed and at ease.

“Several major cruise lines have made a business out of not just tolerating but positively catering to families with kids in tow. Choose one of them, and you’ll be tasked with far less creative thinking when it comes to conjuring up wee-one-friendly activities, dining, accommodations and excursions…Just keep in mind that there’s a wide range of appeal, personality and pricing across cruise lines, so be sure to do the research to ensure that the ship you pick is ultimately a good match for your kids’ ages and interests — and for your budget, too,” writes Elissa Garay on CNNtravel.

Similarly, don’t neglect your own needs when it comes to amenities: According to Upwork’s 2018 Future Workforce Report, 38% of hiring managers predict that their employees will work predominantly remotely in the next 10 years, so if you plan on keeping in touch with your employer or doing any sort of telework during the cruise, you’ll need WiFi access. It also helps to explore all of your cabin options — some can get rather cramped, especially if you have children with early bedtimes and you’re all sharing a room. If this is the case, choose a room that has some sort of separation options, like a balcony, dividing curtains, or a separate seating area. Fortunately, most family-friendly cruise lines are perfectly equipped with these accommodations.

Pick a cruise line that has a swimming pool and other water activities.

Many newer cruise lines come fully equipped with massive swimming pools (yes, plural) and enormous water parks complete with water slides galore. Spending for cocktail hours has risen to 76% from 69% in 2010, and some ‘megaships’ have the most luxurious bar choices that allow to you enjoy a drink while supervising your kids in the pool. And of course, don’t forget to keep the sunscreen in your carry on and reapply every 1.5 to two hours or immediately after swimming to avoid a sunburn.

Now that you have some tips in mind, you can plan the family cruise you’ve always dreamed of. Anchors aweigh!

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