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Q&A with Fernanda Castillo, star of Ya Veremos movie


Fernanda Castillo and Crafty Chica

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mexican film and TV star, Fernanda Castillo to chat about her new film, Ya Veremos. It’s a wonderful new family film about a little boy with health issues and puts together a wish list of things he wants to do before his illness overtakes his life.

His main request?

To have his divorced parents come together on his journey.

Check out my interview below!

YouTube video

About Ya Veremos

It means “We’ll see” – it’s when you do your best and then see what the universe has in store. In the case of the movie, these characters do everything in their power to help their son heal, and then wait and see how it all shakes out.

Castillo says the foundation of the story is about putting family first, no matter what.

Because this is such a fun family film, I brought along some craft supplies to the interview, hoping Fernada would craft with me! You know, to celebrate the idea of family bonding time. She was 100% a team player!

Fernanda Castillo has been in scores of Mexican movies and TV shows, and it was such a cool experience to spend time with her! Ya Veremos opens August 31, go see it!

YouTube video

Here is Fernanda Castillo working on her card while we talked about the film. It came out so cute!

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