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Recap: My Pop-up at Mi Vida in Los Angeles!

Mi Vida store in Los Angeles
Last month we drove to Los Angeles for a pop-up shop at Mi Vida! This is a store I’ve always wanted to visit and most of all – have a pop-up shop! Owner, Noelle was so kind to invite me and thanks to TOYOTA I was able to drive there in style and fit all the things….

We were equipped with a Toyota Rav4 Hybrid!

Talk about a silent and sweet ride across the state line. It comes in eight colors and is super spacious inside. We loaded it up with boxes of our handmade wares, and still had room to pick up Maya and cruise around the city. Once inside the car, it has the Bird’s eye view feature where you can see your car from the top down. It also has Siri Eyes Free.

I’m so thankful to Toyota and Mi Vida for this opportunity! Be sure to follow them at #VayamosJuntos on social and @toyotausa Okay,let’s go – here are some items I brought to sell at Mi Vida and the awesome people I hung out with. it was the same day as ConchaCon!

Cactus ornaments I made.
Lizzy of Inspira handling a make and take of my new Sizzix line at Mi Vida!
Mugs and stickers by Crafty Chica.
Some of the items I brought. I forgot about the “concha power hour” mug! I’ll have to make more! See more of my mugs here!
Crafty Chica and Amano Seattle
I met Theresa from Amano Seattle, she was in LA for ConchaCon!
Kathy Cano-Murillo and Christina Martinez
A day before my trip, Christina from Very That came to visit me at my store, Mucho Mas Art Studio! She drove from San Antonio to LA for Concha con and stopped in Phoenix to say Hey!
Artist Anna Alvarado created this art piece in my likeness!
My friend Anna Alvarado stopped by!
Here we are with the owners of Mi Vida!
Loading up our Toyota to head home!

Some of the fabulous items for sale at Mi Vida!
I met artist Jake Prendez and he gave me this poster!
Power picture! MG Custom Printing, Noelle from Mi Vida, Annette from CJ’s Angels, Sylvia from Mas Masa, Teresa from Skulls and Stitches, and Maya from Pero Like & MayainTheMoment
My ceramic cactus earrings on display at Mi Vida.
Inside Mi Vida. So fabulous!
One of our guests brought us esquites from a restaurant down the street!
Gorgeous infused water!
With my dear friend, Eliana Murillo!

Street art in Los Angeles!
Noelle, owner of Mi Vida in Los Angeles. This is the room where they silkscreen all their t-shirts!
With some of my favorite amigas in Los Angeles – Monique, Jeshua, Lizzy, Denise, and Nicole!
With my honey!
Mural art in Los Angeles.
Crafty Chica novels lined up for sale at Mi Vida in Los Angeles!
Our paintings on display at Mi Vida. Only three of these are left, the rest have been sold to forever homes.
Driving my Toyota all over the place!

Thank you to Noelle at Mi Vida for hosting us!

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