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Podcast #20: Fabric & Friendship: Elena Flores of Sew Bonita

Are you ready for an ultra-happy podcast interview all about SEWING? This week’s Crafty Chica podcast guest is the beautiful and talented Elena Flores of SewBonita! Elena’s joy for creativity radiates in all she shares and creates. Filled with humor, soul, and mucho love for her Mexican (and Tejano!) culture – everything she makes is a tangible party you can show off in daily life!


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What I loved about this interview is talked all about celebrating our love for sewing – not only what we sew, but why we sew. Elena’s story dates back to her childhood and has an emotional flame that will melt your heart. She also shares some of her favorite sewing tips and tells us about her best and most challenging projects.

Elena also designs a t-shirt line when she isn’t pinning and stitching. Visit her site to see all she has to offer!


AND, her beloved sewing machine even pops in for a cameo appearance! If you love sewing – and people who sew, I know you’ll enjoy this conversation. Thank you so much to Elena for stepping away from her machine to visit with us!

See more of Elena on Instagram,  Facebook! 

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  1. Hello Ms. Chica, I think I’ve been looking for you for a while now! I shud say “An Artist like you” I am extremely busy person, and look forward to yor products and tutorials! And yes I saw you on television. I can’t rem. if it was a news called something like “Telling the story” or if it was a commercial…, Even now, I have to run, but happy to know where I can find you!
    Thank you, Karen


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