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Day of the Dead Conchas

These Day of the Dead conchas are inspired by all the colorful delicious treats served on November 1 st and 2nd to honor Dia de Los Muertos. Traditionally sugar skulls, pan de muerto, mole, and other foods are prepared and either served to loved ones, or place at the ofrenda of a loved one who passed away.  Or both!

These Day of the Dead conchas are dedicated to my dad who loved sweets. Growing up, I used to make a cake for him every Friday night. I still remember the memories so vividly. I’m making these to set at the ofrenda I made for him, to celebrate his sweet tooth. He was also very artistic, so I think he would appreciate my crafty spin on his beloved Mexican pastries – pan dulce!

Check out my video!

YouTube video

Make Day of the Dead conchas:

Conchas (fresh!)

Brightly colored Mexican chicle (gum)

Brightly colored frosting in tubes with fancy tips

Mini skull

Assorted sprinkles (I love Mexi Sprinkles!)

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Mexi Sprinkles by Candy Queen Bee Baker!
Line up your tubes and then use contrasting colors to the conchas. This will really make them pop!
Now add the sprinkles!
Add the embellishments!
Look at how cute they are!

Here is one more picture just because I love these colors so much and had an absolute BLAST making these!

Day of the Dead conchas

Day of the Dead conchas!

Thank you to Grateful.co and Thanksgiving.com for the beautiful photography and video!

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