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3 Easy And Cute DIY Mail Organizers

Mail organizer ideas

It’s time to get organized! Where does your mail end up? Let’s make a mail organizers! This simple staple sits on countertops, desks, and hallway tables in almost every home in America: a giant pile of unorganized junk mail, bills, catalogs, and coupons. Even in the digital age, you probably still receive quite a bit of mail. And because 66% of shoppers are more likely to remember a sale if they have a physical reminder, companies aren’t going to stop sending mail any time soon. But no matter where it comes from, the clutter caused by all that mail can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, DIY mail organizers are a fast and practical crafts project that can easily be completed in an afternoon. Keep your mail nice and neat with these simple mail organizing solutions.

Floating Mail Organizers


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Using canvas, wood, or fabric, you can construct mail holders that mount on to your walls. Feel free to go with a fabric or color that really speaks to you, something bold and patterned that you love but could never use to decorate an entire room. You can also get creative with the holders by attaching old book covers to the outside, giving them a durable and vintage look. Add labels on each pocket that make sense for your home. These labels could be for each member of the family (Mom, Dad, Sue, Joe), for categories of mail (Coupons, Bills, Ads), or for when you need to address them (This Week, This Month, At Some Point).

Shutter Slots

A true way to repurpose something old for a totally new use is to make a mail organizer out of a window shutter. The slots of the shutter are perfect for holding pieces of mail, and the number of them on any given shutter gives you plenty of room for organization. You can sort the mail even more by dividing the shutter into sections with labels on the frame. Paint the shutter a fun color or give it a rustic look with a distressed paint job, and then place your new organizer on a hallway table or mount it to the wall.

From Cereal To Mail

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To create these DIY mail organizers, all you need is an empty cereal box, your choice of durable scrapbook paper, and glue. You will cut off the top flaps of the cereal box and a half circle into it that runs vertically. Essentially, you are shaping it into the document organizers you may see standing on an office desk. You’ll then cut the paper as needed to fit the sides of the box and use the glue to adhere it. Make a few of these boxes with different paper designs, label them to your liking, and you’ll have a perfect sorting system.
A busy family doesn’t have time to shuffle through a pile of mail and shouldn’t risk losing an important bill or reminder in that shuffle. Organize everything that comes through your mailbox with a mail organizer that is perfectly designed for your family.

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