Dia de Los Muertos Shrine in a Lantern

Need a Dia de los Muertos shrine idea? I have a good one! I love this time of year because all I can think about is celebrating Dia de los Muertos – and making shrines and ofrendas to honor loved ones who have passed away.

While we have an ofrenda in our house, I also like to make smaller ones to place as decorations. I recently came across some lanterns and thought they would be perfect to house little muertos scenes!

Here is a video tutorial I made with the help of Grateful.co and Thanksgiving.com!


  • Lantern
  • Glittered cardstock
  • Small Day of the Dead figurines
  • Small decorations, such as a faux mini cactus or silk marigold flowers
  • Craft paint
  • Brushes
  • Handheld rotary tool
  • Wire
  • Hanging ornament decoration
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Dry adhesive dots
  • Battery-operated tealights
  • Colored tissue paper

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Day of the Dead shrine in a lantern


Paint the outside of the lantern and let dry.

Drill two holes in the bottom of the lantern.

Tie a piece of thin wire to the lantern.

Cut the glittered cardstock to fit inside the lantern. Use the dry adhesive to secure it inside.

Day of the Dead shrine

Add the larger decoration inside the back of the shrine and put the figurines up front. Use hot glue
to secure.

papel picado

Cut mini banners from the tissue paper and use the dry adhesive to glue around the outside of
the lantern.

Day of the Dead shrine

Hang an ornament from the wire from the bottom of the lantern.

Day of the Dead lantern

Insert the battery-operated tealight inside the lantern.

Day of the Dead shrine in a lantern.
Use Day of the Dead trinkets and figurines to make a little shrine inside a lantern!
Day of the Dead craft.
Decorate the top of your lantern shrine with small decorations!
Day of the Dead shrine idea.
Use mini papel picado to line the outside of your lantern shrine!
Lantern shrine for Day of the Dead
Before starting to decorate, drill two holes at the bottom so you can thread through a string to hang an ornament!
Day of the Dead shrine
Line the bottom of your shrine with glittered cardstock and then glue down small objects and figurines! You can even add in personal photos!
Day of the Dead shrine
You can look for Mexican imports and use some small pan de muerto magnets to add to the top of your lantern shrine!

Thank you so much to the team at Thanksgiving.com and Grateful.co for filming and photographing my project for me, didn’t they do such a beautiful job? Make sure to follow them for lots of great ideas and recipes. And look for more content like this coming up!

Love & light,

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