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Mason jar gift card holder – with lights!

rom gift cardsThis Mason jar gift card holder (with lights!) is such a great way to give a present to someone.

And, yes, I know I used something different than a Mason Jar, any kind of jar will work. But I imagined this in a Mason jar, so let’s go with that!


Check out this DIY for a Mason jar gift card holder. You can’t go wrong with Mason jar crafts, but this is a fun one! I made these for Christmas, but you can adapt the idea for any gift occasion. What really brings these to life is the little strand of lights inside. okay, let me show you how to make these!

Mason jars are a versatile and trendy item that can be used for all sorts of creative projects, including gift-giving. One fun and unique way to use mason jars is to turn them into holders for your gift cards!

gift card

What is the alternative? A boring envelope? No, we can do better!

This is a great option for those who want to give a thoughtful and personal gift but may not have a lot of time to shop or are unsure of what the recipient would like.

Plus, mason jar gift card holders are easy to make and can be customized to fit the recipient’s interests and style! And even better, you can fill it with all kinds of cheery items for the season!

Mason jar crafts never go out of style

mason jar crafts
Photo by Brett Sayles.

Did you know Mason jars are named after John Landis Mason, who patented them in 1858?

Known for a wide mouth and screw-on lid, they are ideal for canning and storage – and crafts! The screw-on lid creates an airtight seal, which is necessary for canning.

While they are made of glass, which is a non-reactive material, there are lots of spin-off versions. These usually aren’t for canning but more for decorative use, hello Mason jar crafts! This means that the contents of the jar will not react with the glass, preserving the food inside.

Mason jars are available in a variety of sizes, from half-pint to gallon. They can be used for canning fruits, vegetables, jams, and more.

Here is a super “bright” idea for the holidays – make Mason jar gift card jar lights! I used a set of battery-operated mini-lights to go inside the jar, as well as a wrapped gift card. These look magical under the tree because you can set them to dim, flash or just leave on a steady illumination.

I love this idea for a Mason jar gift card holder

it’s an enchanting way to liven up your gift giving. You can’t go wrong with any Mason jar craft. Here are some ideas!

  • Stocking stuffers
  • Office gifts
  • White elephant
  • Advent calendar (starts December 1st)
  • Christmas Eve
  • Secret Santa

Supplies to make a Mason jar gift card holder

(these also work great for any other Mason jar crafts)

Mason jar gift crafts


Mason or plastic jars

Battery-operated mini-lights

rainbow lights 

One more light option: You can mix and match the size of the jars with the lights. There are so many variations of color, size, etc.

Wide velvet ribbon

Dry adhesive to secure ribbon

Holiday dimensional stickers

Holiday washi tape



Start by wrapping the gift card with the ribbon.

This is where the surprise comes in – otherwise it looks like a jar of lights, but really there is a treat hidden inside!

I used dry adhesive to connect the ribbon.

Add the batteries to the pack and wrap the cord around the pack. Set the gift card on top and slide into the jar. Stuff the lights in the front. Or you can arrange them throughout the jar – especially if you are using a bigger jar.

I used washi tape on the sides to hide the battery pack.

Mason jar crafts

Add the sticker to the front of the jar.

You can add a gift tag or even a photo of the person on top of the jar.

Mason jar crafts

Wrap the twine around the border of the lid to give it more character!


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Mason jar crafts

Thank you for checking out my Mason Jar Gift Card Jar Lights project!

All about Mason jars

mason jar

Mason jars have become increasingly popular in recent years as a way to store and serve food and drinks. There are a variety of different types of mason jars available, each with its own unique feature.

The most popular is the regular mouth jar, which is ideal for storing and serving smaller items such as jams and jellies. These jars typically have a capacity of around 16 ounces.

Another popular version is the wide mouth jar, which is perfect for storing larger items such as fruits and vegetables. These jars typically have a capacity of around 32 ounces.

There are also mason jars designed specifically for canning. Finally, there are mason jars designed for decoration – these are my fave! These jars often have unique shapes and colors, and can be used to create beautiful centerpieces or displays.

Jucing recipes

Mason jars are a versatile and stylish way to store and serve food and drinks.

With so many different types available, there is sure to be a mason jar perfect for your needs!

What Mason jar crafts are your favorites?

Other gift jar ideas:

Gifts inside jars can be both practical and visually appealing. Here are several ideas for jar gifts, perfect for various occasions:

Emotion-type experience gift jars

Spa in a Jar: Fill a jar with small items like nail polish, a nail file, lip balm, facial masks, bath salts, and a few chocolates for good measure.

Date Night Jar: Fill with tiny envelopes or popsicle sticks that have date night ideas written on them.

Memories Jar: Write down memories, jokes, or things you love about the recipient on slips of paper.

Travel Fund Jar: If you know someone dreaming of traveling, create a decorative jar labeled “Travel Fund” to inspire them to save up.

Self-Care Jar: Fill with prompts for self-care activities or positive affirmations.

Candle in a Jar: Create a homemade candle using wax and essential oils.

Eating and recipe gift jars

Mason Jar Cookie Mix: Layer the dry ingredients of a cookie recipe in a jar. Attach a label or card with the recipe and any additional wet ingredients needed.

Soup or Chili Mix in a Jar: Similar to the cookie mix, layer dry ingredients for a soup or chili. Don’t forget to attach cooking instructions.

Breakfast in a Jar: Layer ingredients for oatmeal, with dried fruits and nuts. Alternatively, provide the mix for pancake or waffle batter.

Cocktail in a Jar: Include mini bottles of alcohol, a mixer, and maybe a small citrus fruit or some fresh herbs. Attach a recipe for a fun cocktail.


gift in a jar
Using jars is a nice, eco-friendly way to give a gift!


Herb Garden Jar: Layer pebbles, potting soil, and seeds. This is perfect for small spaces!

Hot Cocoa Mix: Layer cocoa powder, sugar, and marshmallows. Consider adding chocolate chips or crushed candy canes for flavored cocoa.

Tea Time Jar: Fill with assorted tea bags, honey sticks, and maybe a small biscuit or cookie.

Recipe Jar: Include all the non-perishable ingredients for a recipe in the jar, with the recipe itself attached.

Candy Jar: Fill with the recipient’s favorite candies or chocolates.

Creativity Gift Jars

Sewing Kit in a Jar: Fill with sewing essentials like needles, thread, scissors, buttons, and a measuring tape.

Photo Jar: Fill with sand, seashells, and a favorite photo for a makeshift photo frame. Perfect for beach vacation memories!

Gardener’s Jar: Fill with packets of seeds, gloves, and small gardening tools.

Craft Jar: For a DIY enthusiast, fill with craft supplies related to their hobby, be it knitting, painting, scrapbooking, etc.

Puzzle Jar: Print a photo, cut it into puzzle pieces, and place them in the jar.

Don’t forget to add some flair – like ribbons, tags, labels, or even paint the lid or jar itself. Not only does the jar make for an aesthetically pleasing package, but it’s also eco-friendly since the recipient can reuse the jar


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